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Magnificent May Montréal MeFi Meetup?

I am going to be in Montréal for a couple of weeks, in a week; and as I am told there has not been a Montréal meetup for a while, and the weather is getting warmer (and I'm going to be around), now seems like a fortuitous time to have one.

Since this will be my first time in Montréal, I shall defer location based decision making to locals <:

Anywho, I will be around from roughly May 10 through May 22. Being that I am a lady of leisure, whenever is fine with me; but, I suspect, the weekend in the middle makes sense; so I suggest vaguely in the direction of the 17th.
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I would love to come but the 17th is exactly the weekend when I can't! How about Saturday the 11th?
posted by Salamandrous at 2:36 PM on May 3, 2008

Hmm, that date doesn't exist, sadly... Sunday the 11th?
posted by Salamandrous at 2:37 PM on May 3, 2008

(the 10th, which is a Saturday, is fine with me; as I arrive on Friday evening, incidentally)
posted by ambilevous at 2:47 PM on May 3, 2008

Yes! If the weather is nice, I suggest beer & wine & snacks in parc Jeanne-Mance.
posted by loiseau at 4:12 PM on May 3, 2008

PS. I'm available any of those days.
posted by loiseau at 4:13 PM on May 3, 2008

Great idea, loiseau.
But according to the weather forecast, we should have an indoor back-up.
posted by bru at 8:09 AM on May 4, 2008

Not that I'll be there or anything, but I would humbly suggest St. Sulpice as a potential location. If it is nice, there's a great big courtyard in the back, and if it's not, then there is plenty of space inside as well!
posted by Grither at 9:55 AM on May 5, 2008

I'm in if it's a weekend; I'm in Sherbrooke so weeknights are impossible for me. I'd love to meet some of you! Unfortunately the 17th works better for me than the 10th, but I imagine something will shake out one way or the other.
posted by Shepherd at 11:35 AM on May 5, 2008

Shep! Would Sunday the 11th work for you?

(any objections from anyone else?)
posted by ambilevous at 7:31 PM on May 5, 2008

The 11th would be okay, but Sundays always give me a built-in time limit of 8 p.m. (I need to get the bus back home to work Monday), whereas Saturdays are pretty open-ended timewise as I usually have a place to crash or the hostel.
posted by Shepherd at 2:16 AM on May 6, 2008

...actually, I've had a few home disasters in the last 24 hours (the most serious being a glass shelving unit falling over and shattering) and I think that has killed the weekend for me. Sorry!
posted by Shepherd at 4:42 AM on May 7, 2008

Okey dokes.

May as well stick with Saturday (: could someone do the add event thing? I'm a little handicapped by having an iPod touch for doing The Internets on..
posted by ambilevous at 5:29 AM on May 7, 2008

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