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Update to this thread.

So, after getting offered an assignment that I felt I couldn't take, I got contacted by the Peace Corps on Monday. They wanted to give me an invitation for an assignment in Easter Europe/the Cauaus that leaves mid June. I got the official assignment yesterday, and it's for Georgia. I'm grabbing it.

So, thanks to everyone that wrote in that thread and/or has been in touch with me since then. It's been a strange trip that didn't turn out as I had planned, but I'm excited (and terrified!) and I feel for a large part, I have this community to thank for this whole situation.
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Very exciting, please send a postcard once you're there.
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Good luck, and take lots of photos. Keep them. 30 years from now, they'll be incredibly important memories.

One of my biggest regrets in life is the 10,000 or so photographs that I had from my years in Thailand, Japan, and other places around the world from the early 1970's that were lost during a series of household moves. I'd literally give anything I owned to have them back.
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Drink the wine. Enjoy the legendary Georgian hospitality, and especially try the "kharcho" (spicy lamb stew with rice), "suluguni" (fried goat (?) cheese), and definitely "satsivi" (a kind of magnificent roasted chicken in a special nut sauce, takes 24 hours to cook if done properly).Learn how to make a proper Georgian toast (often a half-hour-long parable). Get used to seeing watermelon everywhere. Ride a donkey through the mountains. Avoid being shot by separatists.
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Avoid being shot by separatists.

Excellent advice, that.
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I'd guess it'd probably be smart to avoid being shot by anyone, anywhere. Then again, I guess I'm not entirely 100% up to date with the Peace Corps' long-term strategy, so maybe the shooting thing is a little more nuanced in the handbook? I say RTFM.
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This is a song by Bulat Okudjava about the hospitality and awesomeness of the Georgian people.

It's in Russian, but the gist of what I'm trying to communicate is... how wonderful! Have fun!
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I say RTFM.

And here it is.

Have fun, piratebowling!
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Oh, and read some Shota Rustaveli to get a feel for the culture.
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That's cool. Easter Europe is way better than Christmas Europe.
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Have fun, piratebowling! If you can make it down to Macon, there are some beautiful antebellum mansions to explore.
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I have always wanted to go botanzing in the Caucausus. I hope you have a rewarding time on your assignment and meet some fun people.
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w00t! good luck piratebowling!
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Obama is doing well in the Caucuses!
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Aw man, wish I hadn't missed the original questions so that I could have thrown my recently experienced hat in the ring for Africa - I'm so bummed that didn't work out for you.

But Eastern Europe will be great. Kudos on you for doing this - look forward to touching base back here at a meetup when you return and seeing how it went.
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I am enormously envious. Georgia! Enjoy it, and enjoy it a little bit for me.
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Drink the wine.

I was going to say that! Wine may have been invented in or around Georgia. Also, everything else nasreddin said. And try to learn at least a little Georgian (you can start with the greeting gamarjobat!, which is unusually easy to say for a Georgian word; 'thank you' is gmadlobt)—they'll really appreciate it.

Eastern Europe will be great.

Georgia is not in Eastern Europe. But the Caucasus is great too.
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Very cool. Take pictures, have fun, and be safe (in whatever order you like).
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Georgia is one platypus of a country. Insanely old, not in Asia and not in Europe and somewhat poisonous when irritated. Their language, ქართული ენა is very representative of the weirdness. Whatever happens, you will have stories to tell.
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Remember, keep it clean, no hitting below the belt, and release on a tap out.

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Be sure to eat a lot of yogurt.
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Wow, excellent news sister! Inshallah I will see you there some day. Yes, the psychedellic squiggles you see on all the signs is actually a system of writing. :)
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I'm in Armenia right now. Congrats for going to Georgia. If you have any questions about the region, please email me.
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That's great!
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Yay! Best of luck, stay safe.
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