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Does anyone know what is happening in waraws thread below ?

As far as I can tell stynxno did something , someone got banned from mefi during it, I could be wrong but it would help us all as a community to clarify what happened - let the healing begin !
On another note is there an actual #mefi channel anymore ? I looked at the wiki but there didn't seem to be anything.
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Everything that happened was unrelated to the 'community' of Metafilter. If anyone is really in need of healing from a little channel takeover drama then it may be in their best interest to consult a counselor or other professional for help in dealing with the trivial aspects of life in a more adult fashion.

Just my two cents!
posted by cellphone at 5:39 AM on June 7, 2008

Don't sweat it, sgt. If you allow yourself to care about what happens on IRC, then they've already won.
posted by mumkin at 5:42 AM on June 7, 2008

Long story made short: Someone set us up the bomb.
posted by blue_beetle at 5:49 AM on June 7, 2008

Using context clues, here what I'm piecing together:

• waraw invites everyone to IRC channel #metafilter, gives everyone channel operator privileges
• stynxno uses said privileges to remove everyone else's, bans 'em all(?)
• dnab finds stynxno's actions greatly annoying and makes several comments about it in the MeTa thread, calling stynxno names
• Dreamghost comments, "Who deleted by dnab placeholder ban?"
• dnab invites Dreamghost to a round of particularly unhygeinic analingus
• Dreamghost responds, somehow, with an even more unpleasant insult, possibly gay-bashing in nature
• Everyone gets super bummed out and the thread is closed.


• I know nothing of IRC.
• I expect this thread to be closed pretty quickly, and rightly so. However, I was baffled by and curious about the original thread as well.
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• I should have mentioned that Dreamghost's "even more unpleasant insult" was deleted.
• I dunno what a placeholder ban is and neither does Google.
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It's MeTa minutiae like this that I'm going to miss now that I'm not unemployed any more.
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me and i r c
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This is really a metameta thing and probably needs to be dealt with by talking to/emailing the people involved.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:17 AM on June 7, 2008

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