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Yes, it's another NYC meetup thread.

Is anyone up for a meetup in New York City on Friday 25th or Saturday 26th July? I know Lola_G is having one the previous Friday which I may or may not be able to attend, hence the suggestion for another one in quick succession. Friday evening, 25th, would be great but I also really like the idea of maybe having a picnic in Central Park on the Saturday afternoon, leading into an evening of drinking somewhere, and ending at Katz's in the wee small hours. Or something.
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Is there a NYC meetup wiki, because we definitely have enough NYC meetup threads here to have a nycmeetups.metafilter.com.
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You meant to type "nycmeetups.nycmeetups.metafilter.com", since the idea's so nice-
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Few people know this, but New York itself is, rather than a city, a constant stream of people meeting up all the time. Pretend-casually brushing past people's buttocks in the subway? Meetup. Yelling at a hot dog vendor? Meetup. Punching in at the office? Work meetup. Craigslist hookup? Sex meetup! See, now you're getting the hang of it.

All of this is from what I know about New York from television, by the way - I've never been there and I kind of doubt it actually exists.
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gnfti, the buttock brushing I can vouch for. The hot dog guys are usually very friendly, since they're afraid of being deported.
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I think a picnic would be so fun! The last one was fun, even after it started raining and we all got really, really wet.
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I think me and the gal would be up for this one as well as the Lola G one.

Now, off to a picnic on riverside park!
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let's do it, then!

and good news, it was the SET of NYC that burned last month, not the city.
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OK, let's make it a picnic in Central Park, the afternoon of Saturday, 26th. It'll be a contrast with Lola_G's meetup the week before, for those who don't fancy another bar meetup. And if we want to make an evening of it, we can move to a bar and/or a restaurant later on. I'll sidebar it, and leave it to my NYC Social Secretary, The Pink Superhero, to nail the details of where and when to meet in the Park.
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Fabulous! Will provide details later this week.
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After the last one, I'm definitely up for a picnic again!
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I am not good at planning more than 2 weeks in advance, but this is on my work calendar now... so in other words, I will try my best to be there!
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Barring any objections, I think we should meet up at the same spot we met last time: North End of the Great Lawn, West Side, under the trees tucked in between the softball fields. I seem to recall we were slightly south of the northern most field on the west side inside the lawn. I hope that's not an incredibly confusing way of describing it.
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bah. meetup on my 30th birthday and i can't make it. bah.
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Interested in details. When exactly, is the afternoon?
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Also, will there be any way to describe the location somewhat better? Or an identifying characteristic?
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We'll meet at 2 at the park. No guarantee that we'll still be for people who come late, so don't come three hours late and wonder where we are. As for identifying characteristics, your best bet is probably to look for people who look like us, or check out some of the pictures from the last meetup. I'd bring my flamingo again, but I don't think the Central Park people like people putting stuff in the grass like that.
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Awesome. Hope for dry skies!
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Here's a map showing the West side of the Great Lawn, with softball fields shown, and the nearest streets.
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If the circle around the Great Lawn is the fence, I'm pretty sure we were between fields 3 and 5.
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Excellent. This west coast delegate will be in attendance.
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I'll be there, in dapper attire and ready to leap the fence as necessary.
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Okay so I missed Lola's BBQ meetup because of a last minute thing so will try to make this one....maybe you guys could pick a post-park bar? (I would suggest the Dublin House on 79th, generally my UWS saloon of choice, but maybe too divey for the young'uns?)
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Too divey?? The last meetup in NYC that I went to was at a place with no name, barely an address, and was darker than the far side of the moon! I don't think you need to worry about "too divey" for this crowd.

Which is the way it should be. Dive bars rule.
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You will all want to be there when Help, I can't stop talking! leaps the fence. It's one of the cooler things I've ever seen.
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Can we get him to wear a fedora? And I speak as one who loves fedoras and thinks he would look hot in one, especially being all sleekly actobatic and shit.
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Did we decide on a time?
posted by Brainy at 1:24 PM on July 22, 2008

Brainy: Read up a bit to ThePinkSuperhero's answer to my similar question.
posted by bkudria at 3:58 PM on July 22, 2008

It may be time to break my one meetup per year streak. What do people bring to these picnic things?
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Scrumptiliciousness. Duh.
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Looks like it will rain- should we say Dublin House on 79th is the rainy day alternative?
(Now I won't be able to come til 5 but I will call TPS to see where you all are)
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I can't attend, but I hope the weather is great and you guys have a great time!
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Going to be late, but I'll arrive straight from the beach.

Keep an eye out for the tanned, sandy blonde, hunky surfer guy.

I'll arrive ten minutes after him.
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If anyone arrives late to the party and wants to know where we are, call me- 727.475.4373. I think the party will run late but I doubt we will stay at the park forever, so I would definitely call if you plan on showing up, say, after 5.
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A perfect summer day in the park. You're all wonderful. Thanks for a great afternoon.
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Fun time, all! Brainy, so sorry we never were able to touch base.
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Late to the party but I added two short videos of the famous Moth Kite.

Here's a basic one.

Here's a longer one, with audience participation.

posted by jason's_planet at 3:47 PM on August 3, 2008

Doh! Bree and I WATCHED the moth kite from under a tree, figuring we missed everybody.
posted by Brainy at 8:52 AM on August 4, 2008

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