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Remember that Nomic game we started? It's finished!

Gerryblog won the game, on behalf of his colleagues in the Super Cool Victory Fellowship. His comrades-in-arms 1 and Aaron A Aaronson provided the assist through a cunning transfer of points. And I got a SHINING STAR OF GOLD!!!1

Jay (not sure which Mefite he is) did an excellent job setting up a drupal / blogshares thingy that has proven itself a very functional environment for the game.

Of the 20-odd starting players, we were left with 10 or so by game's end.

It sounds like there will be a new game going soon, so drop by if you are interested.
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There are still mopping up operations going on, but as the winning player is also the current sitting judge, I assure you all that there is nothing to worry about... the Super Cool Victoy Fellowship will not retreat in our moment of triumph.
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I had no idea this was going on, and will forward this link to a non-MeFite pal who has been droning on about how we should be playing Nomic on teh intarwebs. I suspect this will earn mathowie $5. Excellent. And congrats to the "winner".
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This Jay.

For the record, we believe Meatbomb and his cohorts have gerryblog's family tied up in a basement somewhere, since we can find no other plausible explanation for gerryblog's sudden loss of judicial restraint.
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MeFiNo's alter ego nomic, Spork, doesn't have a Mefi membership requirement, and there are a few sub-games running you can jump right into.
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Even excellenter.
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jayCampbell, you may well be on to something. There is something sinister about the "Super Cool Victory Fellowship" and their song quoting ways. I'd hate for it to be true, but I think we must consider the possibility that the SCVF are subjecting gerryblog's family to high-volume repetitions of The Sound of Music.

In any case, the current game is still unfolding and should gerryblog be able to free his family from the clutches of the SCVF or should the people of MeFiNo rise up and overrule his judgement, the game will continue.

Any Mefites are welcome to join the game in progress if we do continue.
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BitterOldPunk, you should definitely get on board. It will be especially sweet to beat you in the next round.
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There is a part of my brain that refuses to accept the idea of nomic being fun. I mean, no offense to those who enjoy it, but to me it looks like nothing more than arguing about the tedious rules of parliamentary procedure using the tedious rules of parliamentary procedure.

Beyond proposing new rules for the game and voting on them, is there any... you know... game?
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Rhaomi writes: Beyond proposing new rules for the game and voting on them, is there any... you know... game?

Nomic is like MetaTalk or the Talk namespace of Wikipedia, except someone else keeps track of your points for you instead of having to keep score on your own, like we all do here.
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Remember that Nomic game we started? It just keeps going.
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A friend of mine suggested a game of Nomic to a wee group, and in 2005 an email list was set up. Nothing but confusion reigned, albeit briefly, then nothing but silence for years. Just last week someone self-declared victory. I was happy to accept that.

An actual clear explanation of the game would be interesting at some point. As a fan of the game Bartog, I suspect I am in the Nomic target market..
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So Nomic is like Calvinball for rules lawyers?
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is there any... you know... game?

There is as much game as the players build. Spork has a multi-player chess game and a fledgling TradeWars spaceship thingy, for instance. You can tack nomic onto any other game.

Admittedly, MeFiNo round 1 was almost completely about legalese, but that's mostly because we dared play the original ruleset when we should have tweaked it a bit to match the medium first.
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Meatbomb, I will beat you so hard it will bruise your whole family.
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He's being all wishy-washy about wanting to play next round now. I think you rattled him.
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Well, I just created an account at Spork, so he needs to step up. Now to spend a week figuring out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I remember excitedly making copies of Suber's original ruleset back in the 80s and passing them around to my friends, followed by three or four hours of heady arguments, much alcohol-induced uroboros-like confusion, throwing of hands in the air and stating of "fuck it", followed by a visit to a titty bar. That's pretty much the sum total of my experience with Nomic. I'm hoping this game has similar results.
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And at MeFiNo.

See, I'm confused already.
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Complicating matters is the fact that I've almost certainly will turn out to have not won given the consequences of my most recent ruling. ssg was right about the majority vote thing, though it's mostly academic insofar as we only have 3/10 votes to prevent an override anyway.
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Incorrect, gerryblog. Our victory is complete and assured.
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Oh man, we had a Nomic game and I missed it? Why does no one ever tell me these things?
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Crap. Apologies for dropping out. That'll teach me to... something.
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I'm interested in getting in for the next round.
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Technically, four votes, assuming shelleycat and AAA don't agree to vote yes to override. That only leaves one swing voter to convince.
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