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Am I missing something from the search function? I can't ever, ever seem to find posts.

Always when I try to go back to refind a link or something, I completely miss it. I use the search box up top, and google search in metafilter, but still I no findey. Is there a function to search by posts from a particular user containing certain words?

There's a thread I'm looking for that talks about wetshaving. I posted in that thread...twice I think. Keywords I know I used: grandfather, straight razor, merkur HD. I can't remember the site I linked to...but more importantly someone discussed a place to buy blades in bulk. I WANT THAT LINK!

Lulz. I think I'm just missing something obvious, anyone care to chime in?
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- Go to your user page (click on your username on the page here)

- See the "Search Activity" box on the upper left (but not the one in the header).

- Drop keywords there, and you'll find it.

- Here's a search of your posting activity, for the keyword "shaving"
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:08 PM on July 14, 2008

Is this it?
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The search box is on the upperish right in my profile (firefox - win2k). And, too be honest - I've completely missed this while looking for something similar before - though, admittedly, I do have a tendency to overlook the obvious.
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Only special people get the search box on the left.
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Ah, I think I got it. It seems weirdly finicky about words though. Is there a way to search someone else's activity without first clicking THEIR name?

Like, for example, on MT sometimes people gritch about other peoples posts but don't provide links. How is one to find those offensive offerings?
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Is there a way to search someone else's activity without first clicking THEIR name?

1. Click search at the top of the page.
2. Enter the username of the person you would like to search and click the button.
3. Click the "users" tab on the right to see all users matching that name.
4. Click the username.
5. Follow mathowie's directions above.
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gritch... not a word.
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Ahh, got it.


Neither tis ain't but we use it round these here parts noways. Plum didn't see that I'd done clicked on that there verbiophilemeta link. Thanks for settin me straight.
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