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Are the DNS records configured properly? I'm having to do a DNS lookup of all mefi sites like once a minute, as if the expiration counters in the records are set way off. Even if you were planning a server move, that's way too tight. Seconds vs minutes error?
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Could be. I basically have very little knowledge of how DNS server TTL stuff works, I think I just copied settings from an earlier DNS server.

If anyone can do a dig on mefi and tell me what I should change them to, I'd be happy to change the settings.
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It all looks reasonable to me: expiration of 1 day. The nameservers at have 1-hour expiration for their own names, which seems a little short to me in the absence of an anticipated move, but shouldn't cause a real problem.
posted by hattifattener at 10:19 PM on July 16, 2008's dns records don't expire. They lurk.
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That really isn't a problem. It could be doubled or tripled, but it isn't causing trouble.
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Your ISP might be caching DNS records and the TTLs. Though it's not clear to me why they'd make them lower...
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Could be tied to the current DNS problems across the Internet.

Turns out there's a pretty massive exploit which enables poisioning of the DNS caches, those ISP's which are fixing the problem might be lowering the TTL (essentially the trust threshold) to refresh potentially corrupt entries as they patch all their servers to correct for the problem.

Shot in the dark, but sounds like it could fit...
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I think the MetaFilter DNA helix may be wound a little tight, too.
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I think it's the Fetzer Valve. We're gonna need some ball bearings.
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I was probing to determine skeletal girth and muscle tone. It's a new technique. We mock what we don't understand.
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You could (possibly) harness B2C deployments and leverage indexed action-items.
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spicynuts, I am shocked that you don't know the difference in DNS timeouts affected by Fetzer valves versus polyhootenators. Clearly a polyhootenator problem here.
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Did anyone check the flux capacitor?
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This wouldn't be a problem if you got a hardcopy version delivered to your door like every one else does.
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Clearly a polyhootenator problem here. Polyhootenators are web 1.0. They are obsolete and Web2.0 is not backwards compatible with Polyhootenators. Please don't jump into conversations you don't understand.
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I want monohootenators, myself. Polyhootenators lead to increases in cholesterol levels.
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That was blown way out of proportion. It's the Transhootenators that'll kill you.
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They're also more than meets the eye, I hear.
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Oh! Oh! I see the problem. The R2 Unit has a bad motivator.
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This is all over my head. If anybody wants me I'll be over here, distimming the framingroshes.
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I've got a spare Johnson rod here, if you need it.
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I'd piss on the damn sparkplugs if I thought it'd do any good.
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have we tried reversing the polarity?
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Hey, heeeraldo, don't start in with jokes about poles, OK?
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Did you ensure that your computer is plugged in?
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Also, check to ensure that your proboscis is entwatenated.
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Please fix the DNS records so that there is no more goofiness around here!
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This answer would be right at home in this thread.
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it's been far too long since my proboscis was entwatenated. sigh.
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This answer (Slashdot) was just about the most awesome thing I read all day today.

Thanks all for the answers, well, the early ones. I don't think my ISP would be driving TTLs down to 60 seconds for all users due to cache poisoning concerns. More likely I've got a caching problem, although that seems equally unlikely on my shiny Ubuntu Linux installation. Thanks again.
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i assume you're on dhcp and using whatever nameserver is being fed to you. you could try changing the config to use a fixed server - perhaps opendns. that would solve things if the problem is a badly configured nameserver provided by your isp.

it's also pretty easy to run bind as a local cache fi you feel like playing with that.
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Have you tried bending the ballcock?
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One thing I've noticed is that every pageload of a metafilter page also wants to connect to, whcih I'd have expected the browser to cache. Maybe it's just reading the resource's date to make sure it's not stale, but it takes longer than I'd have expected.
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Does this seem anyway connected to my net problem?
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