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Trip Observation #3 : I don't know if others share this problem, but I have now learned the hard way to think twice before posting to Mefi while traveling (now being 2 for 2 on deleted double posts during the past 4 days, even after searching prior to posting.) So much happens on Mefi in short time periods that searching is not enough, I need to also carefully read any posts and comments I have missed, and also search, before posting from the road. So apologies for the inconvenience to Matt , to the private emailer kindly alerting me, to commenters publicly noting it, to readers re-reading old stuff, to anyone else I have forgotten.
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Wouldn't it help if there was a list of the last 15 or 30 days' posts in two-or-three word titles? You'd click on some button on the FP or the posting box and you'd get the list. E.g. Bush Pretzel, Segway Helicopter, Earl Jones Memorial, Ozbourne TV Show, Worst Football Team, etc.

Sometimes these titles can be clearer than the actual posts, if they're cryptic or teasers, i.e. those you could probably read without finding out what they're about.

These, of course, would be linked to the appropriate thread.

I wouldn't mind doing some of the legwork.

It might also be quite useful for readers!
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You know, something like the script over at endquote could probably be used. He has said on his page he's willing to share it (unless I read it wrong).

I haven't looked at the actual code, but the idea is great, and reminiscent of and old on-line mag that (I think, don't quote me, because I've forgotten) Ben Brown was involved with. It had the whole bubble-text thing and inter-site linking based on words.

It would be a whole new dimension to metaflter.
posted by rich at 10:56 AM on January 16, 2002

Voyageman: I think you post enough as it is.
posted by bloggboy at 5:35 PM on January 16, 2002

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