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Do people follow-up much?

Maybe this is covered elsewhere...just wondering if there is much follow up from people on AskMe...often I'm really curious as to what advice someone took, whether it worked out, etc.

If you post an update on the thread, is anyone going to check back and see it?
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Please see the resolved tag thread. It's on the "answered" tab of Ask MeFi.
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Thank you!!
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Yeah, and let us know if it works out for you.
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I asked about where to buy American goods, but I simply haven't been buying anything besides gas and food. I think many people like me ask a question but don't act on the answers for a long time.
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I summitted Kilimanjaro yesterday morning. Most of the rest of mine are in the resolved tag thread (and I've gone back and tagged mine as well).
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I find that, in some cases, AskMe posters are quite happy for you to send them a MeFi mail later if you're interested in how things eventually worked out. Not quite the same thing as an update in-thread, but I'd guess most people don't use the 'resolved' tag yet; a lot of posters don't even mark a best answer.
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I did not know about that, so I just went back and tagged my resolved threads. Apologies to those who have the RSS feed and just got flooded with resolved threads from some freak named Grither.
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My wedding was awesome. Thanks to MeFi for help planning it!

Where should we get married?
- We ended up going with the Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo. They had their own in-house catering, but the food was fantastic and they let us bring our own alcohol. Seriously, the venue and the staff was more than we could have asked for and affordable as weddings go.

Please help us find premarital counseling. - It turns out that my university frowned on people getting married and didn't have any kind of couple's counseling. We did weekly sessions with our pastor (which really let us get to know him) and supplemented with the John Gottman book. We took all of the quizzes while doing wedding decoration busy work, so two birds, one stone.

Math problems as seating cards - A team of mathematicians and computer scientists assembled and wrote the problems. Nerd friends are great! Almost everyone found their seats eventually, but there were lots of mix-ups and people who couldn't be bothered to solve the problem or look up their answer. At one point, an entire table of my teenage cousins all assembled, got the wrong answer and proceeded to wreck a table belonging to other people. (Who puts rock candy in water glasses? WTF?) Luckily, I didn't hear about this until after the wedding.

How do I get 170 drunk? - It's easier than it sounds. Having four signature cocktails was a winner. Our full solution is detailed in the thread. We're still drinking the leftover hard liquor.

Our Honeymoon - Ended up going to Bali and Hong Kong and it was worth the nearly 24 hour plane ride. Bali was especially awesome and we spent most of our time in the central and western parts of the island.
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Jeez, NDcent (I don't have a cent symbol on my keyboard), thanks for that. It's like ABBA songs being made into a play, only with no music and a lot more drama.
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¢ Alt 0162 with Number Lock on is one way to make the ¢ sign
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¢opying and pasting gets the job done as well.

Hell of a roundup, sir.
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&¢ent; works as well.
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That's a £10 monkey in a 5p suit.
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Wow, ND¢, Anonymous is a fucking basketcase.
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anonymous: metafilter is a fucking basketcase.
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You may also enjoy a previous AskMe followup roundup or when anon's out themselves. Searching MetaTalk with "followup" also yields some.
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You guys have reassured me that I'm not gonna suddenly explode twice

So far, I've failed to explode, and the blood pressure meds have worked out really well-- down to 100/72 last time I was at my (also Ask MeFi-selected, although I just looked up an older question) doctor, whom I really like.

I know you were all totally waiting to hear "Oh no, Fairytale exploded, she's survived by Mr. F," but I guess it's not going to happen.
posted by fairytale of los angeles at 12:25 AM on August 16, 2008

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