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Do Mefites play Metal Gear Online?

If so, we could play in the weekend Survival tournaments. I'm not terribly good, but I've gotten so that I don't weigh down teams I join in the auto-matching Big Boss channel.
yes I checked the wiki; there's nothing there and I figured this is a better way to get people's attention.
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There are Mefites who play EVERYTHING. (Not specific people who play everything, but if there's a game, there are at least a few MFers who've played it) There's a MetaFilter-Associated Russian Roulette group that meets online, but it's numbers are shrinking (for obvious reasons). And a lot of members lost enthusiasm when one of them who'd taken a bullet was found playing Scrabulous the next day.
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Metal Gear!?

Interesting ... so how does it taste?
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The expansion pack also comes with a bunch of new levels, including the Peruvian power plant stage, and a confusing sewer level.

From my limited experience with the survival mode, it seems to be a lot more serious and intense than the ordinary games, even for players of similar level. Whether that makes it worthwhile is of course a personal question.
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There's a good sized group of us that are into gaming. You might try asking at The MefightClub group got setup almost a year ago mainly centered around Team Fortress 2, but there are other games that are discussed. Come on over!

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Oh, fantastic, thanks for the tip. Right now the terms of service are a PHP error, but I read them and agree strenuously, so I checked the box.
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My dude is called Crotalus. If you see him, shoot him in the head for me.
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