thisislondon crashes IE for me. you? January 17, 2002 9:34 PM   Subscribe

Clicking on this link: down my browser (IE5)...sad part of it was that it happened about five times before I figured out what was going on. Since folks are commenting, I presume it's not happening to everyone? Just tried it three more times, same thing. You know, I saw a white van with some strange antennas on it driving around here earlier...
posted by Mack Twain to Bugs at 9:34 PM (3 comments total)

It isn't happening to me on IE 6. I used to run into browser killing pages when I was using Opera, which was otherwise an excellent browser. Clean out your cache, history files, and cookies and try again.
posted by rcade at 5:52 AM on January 18, 2002

Funny, it works just fine in N6.1 , I found to my dismay. Pretty gross link to be making such a fuss over, don't you think?
posted by Lynsey at 11:25 AM on January 18, 2002

Well, now that I was able to read it in Netscape, I see what Lynsey is saying...It's obvious my IE browser is so advanced it has developed its own discriminatory stupidity filter. AI indeed.
posted by Mack Twain at 12:27 PM on January 18, 2002

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