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Warhammer Online: it calls to me.

Wondering if any MeFites are also planning to get in on some Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning action. I will likely join come the first of the month, when I can grab a spiffy new video card that will run it. Anyone else looking to start/join a MeFi guild? (I'm leaning towards Destruction but I'm flexible.)
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I'll be up for it when it's IN SPACE.
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I'm going to be poking around in there with some friends later tonight. I doubt I'll play the thing long term -- the PvP-centric design is a nice change of pace but not something to spend years on -- but I'll be in there starting this evening after work, and probably playing semi-regularly until Wrath comes out. At which point I'll probably drop it like a hot rock.

I won't be joining any guilds (I've already got one, thanks) but anyone who wants to come hang out can just drop me some mail and I'll let you know where to find us.

"I'll be up for it when it's IN SPACE."

Due to not paying much attention, that's actually what I thought this title was until a couple of months ago. I'd much rather play that game than the one they made, but WAR is really pretty decent based on the week-ish I've piddled around with it. Far from perfect, but decent.
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I can't hear mention of Warhammer Online without thinking of this Penny Arcade strip.
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Oh, I will definitely be there under some variation of zealeus, my typical online name.

I've tried the doing the WoW guild thing with a MeFi guild before, and that didn't go much of anywhere. OTOH, the MeFi TF2 guild is the very definition of awesomeness, so I'm torn about doing a MeFi WAR guild and its ability to be a success. I can certainly try starting out in one, but I am a MMPORPG guild whore and no guarantees I'll stick around...
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I can't hear mention of Warhammer Online without thinking of this Penny Arcade strip.

That is straight up my favorite PA strip, ever.

As much as I'd love to get into WAR, I have neither the money nor a good enough internet connection to do so. If Qwest ever installs actual DSL out in the boonies where I live like they promised they would, I'll probably get into it quickly. Or if I can ever afford to move. Until then, I'm just going to sob quietly in a corner until Fallout 3 comes out.
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Is there any way someone could make a list of who/where people are? I'm planning on picking it up as soon as my K1 visa stuff is done with (so probably November onwards), and while I'm not sure about guilds, thanks to bad WoW experiences, having people around to hang out with is always 100% awesome and useful.
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As tangentially mentioned, the best place in the whoooole world to get some Metafilter-related gaming action going is at Mefight Club. We focus on TF2, but all game-related gamery gametalk is welcome. With 300+ people signed up there and more all the time, you'll be sure to find somebody to blow up or hit with a hammer or play fake guitar with or something.
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stavros, FYI -

your ToS is currently
Fatal error: Call to undefined method FauxContext::SetDefinition() in /home/.unger/wonderchicken/mefightclub.com/conf/language.php on line 5
hmmm, yes, I guess I can agree with that...
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I laugh at Terms of Service. LAUGH I TELL YOU.

Actually I didn't even realize there was one. Go figure.
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I'm on it on EU servers (Burlok, High Elf AM called, in a feat of wild imagination, Sparx). I'm quite enjoying it, but then I always hated the grindy awfulness of WoW and the limited nature of the PvP there. Not that I'm any good at PvP, which is why I'm a healer on WAR. I've just gotten to the point where the world opens up a bit instead of being on rails, which is good, as it was super railly until 8th level/Chrace
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I've been getting my griefing in on Beta for the last few weeks. I'll probably be on Vortex for a few hours a week. Mythics servers are getting crushed right now and its not even full retail release yet!
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Not that I'm any good at PvP, which is why I'm a healer on WAR.

Ironically, healing in online games is typically where a team wins or fails. No pressure!
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I'd love to join you, but I did wow, and now I prefer my video games in the non heroin like addiction genre. Although after that debacle by Will Wright, I'm craving a new fix something fierce. No, must stay clean.... epic loot not worth it...
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Im playing on azazel (US) as Gorm... I play infrequently though.
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