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Attention Portland, OR mefites: Portland's literary festival, WordStock, occurs November 8th and 9th.

Among the guests are internet troubadour Jonathan Coulton and MetaFilter's own John Hodgman, who will be doing an hour long panel together. Also, I'm going to be working at the booth for Ooligan Press for a good chunk of the weekend. Part of the time I will be running a pitch table, along with some of my fellow publishing students.

So, if anyone is planning on attending the festival, I'd be more than happy to act as meeting-up point for any WordStock Metafilter hanging-out hijinks. And if anyone has a book or book idea that you think meets Ooligan's editorial interests (you can find that information on the website), feel free to bring it to the pitch table. I can't promise to give you any preferential treatment, but you might be more comfortable pitching your book to someone you know from the internet than to a complete stranger.
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Although I, um, don't have a book to pitch, and I'll be about 4853 miles from the Ooligan Press table...

Y'all have fun!

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I'll be hitting up Wordstock this year, and maybe catching a workshop or two. Any idea what time?
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Uhm, at the risk of sounding incredibly stupid, what does one do at a WordStock?
posted by oreonax at 11:07 AM on October 20, 2008

One schmoozes and fawns over authors galore!
Personally, I hope to schmooze/fawn over/pay very close attention to Alison Bechdel, Derek Kirk Kim, and Mike Mignola. There are many other authors who I will merely be enjoying the presence of.
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...what does one do at a WordStock?

Hey man, it's three days of proofreading, typesetting and love! You take the dust jackets off your books and roll 'em around in the mud! At dawn on the last day, Vonnegut takes the stage and passes out cigarettes to everybody, and the pages all blow free in the wind!

Just stay away from Tom Clancy, man, that dude's a narc.
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