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Congratulations to Mefite Eric Gjerde, whose website was the subject of a previous FFP, on the publication of his new book.
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I found this guy once before but he's way beyond me. One of his recent posts points here which is some kind of crazy device I've never seen before. WTF is that? And I hear Bre Pettis in the background.
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Yes, it's a device called ROBO, and some very clever artists are making some fantastic things with it. Check out the Flickr pool.
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Awesome. I never knew he was a Mefite (nor did I think to check). I go to his site whenever I want to be amazed by what you can do with paper. If only I didn't have meathooks for hands *sigh*
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That ROBO stuff is incredible.
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great stuff, Eric.

i remember when he showed up out of in the blue, in response to a FPP by nickyskye, featuring some papercutting artwork by his wife :)
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Congrats Eric!
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Cool stuff. Never seen any of it before. Congrats on the book!

Will be visiting the site in-depth.
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Hi there everyone! Thanks so much, Tube, for the props! :)

the CraftROBO (made by Graphtec of Japan) is a fantastic tool for making scored/cut objects from thin materials; I got one to play with and have happily been spreading the word for a while now. I don't use it for my origami work (no cutting!) but it's really great for all sorts of other stuff. The linked video is of my friend Jeff Rutzky showing off his mad ROBO skills for Bre and the gang at NYC Resistor.

The origami book of mine is an introduction to origami tessellations, which are these relatively complex works made of folded patterns and textures. I got into it on a lark, really, but I've taken a shining to it and that has led to writing a book and several other projects. The project of which I am most proud is our wonderful Flickr community, which I started about 3 years ago and has become a nexus of tessellation activity on the internet. Not only has it been a wonderful way to engage others in this rather niche-of-a-niche interest, but it has also provided a great working lesson in the value of sharing. I can't speak for others, but every thing I have given away has been returned to me ten-fold. I'm committed to this mindset now, even more than I was when I started out posting my little paper foldings on the internet.

Anyway thanks all for your support and kind words, it's been a fantastic trip and I'm well pleased to share it with you all.

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