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Any other Mefites planning on attending Brainwashed Records' Brainwaves Festival in Boston (well, Arlington) this weekend?

If so, thoughts on a meetup?
posted by Cat Pie Hurts to MetaFilter Gatherings at 2:39 PM (12 comments total)

Ack that looks incredible. Someone fly me up from Texas and I'll buy the first round.
posted by xmutex at 2:59 PM on November 19, 2008

Oh, I live near there. If there's boozing afterwards I'll stop by.
posted by backseatpilot at 3:46 PM on November 19, 2008

"Ticket prices are once again $75 + $4 in theatre/processing fees and can be bought "

This is beyond my pauper's budget. =(
posted by Eideteker at 3:55 PM on November 19, 2008

Eideteker - check under the Ticketing section. They're selling individual day tickets at the box office. Friday is $20, Sat. is $45, Sun. is $20.
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 4:04 PM on November 19, 2008

C.P.H., I am going. I'd love to meetup, I've recently moved here (well, in the last six months) from NYC, and a buddy who was going to come down and go with me bailed. So, I was just going to attend alone. Not sure if I'm going to all sessions, but it'd be great to meet one of the nights perhaps...let me know what you're feelin'.
posted by dubitable at 6:20 PM on November 19, 2008

Er, don't mean to sound like an anti-social bozo. Let me re-state: "It'd be great to meet at least one of the nights perhaps..."
posted by dubitable at 6:25 PM on November 19, 2008

Whoah. First I've heard of this. I'd be down for seeing MBM and the Greater Than One thing on Friday - anyone else gonna be there that evening?
posted by xbonesgt at 9:14 PM on November 19, 2008

God damn, I wish was.

* cranks podcast *
posted by everichon at 8:42 AM on November 20, 2008

Hey folks, any update on this? I'm not sure if I'm going to all the sessions, but I'm most interested in Saturday night's and Sunday's during the day show...let me know what those of you who are going are feeling like.
posted by dubitable at 12:04 PM on November 21, 2008

Oh, and xbonesgt, I'm going to try and get there tonight too, although it may not be for the whole show...
posted by dubitable at 12:06 PM on November 21, 2008

Gah..I completely forgot that I had posted this! Tonight is up in the air (I REALLY want to see MBM, but there may be a scheduling snafu.)

I'll definitely be there for Matmos tomorrow, though.
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 1:52 PM on November 21, 2008

Hi Cat Pie Hurts, I wasn't able to make it last night myself, but I'll be there tonight (skipping today's afternoon show) and for Sunday's day show, definitely. I'd be happy to meet up for a bite/beer before the show tonight or tomorrow, if anyone is interested. I'm coming from Somerville, don't know Arlington too well but I'm open to suggestions. If this doesn't work out I guess we'll have to take a raincheck. ;)
posted by dubitable at 8:50 AM on November 22, 2008

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