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At the November meet-up, the idea for a White Elephant get-together came up and seemed like a good time to several people. Want to join in? (you can sit out the exchange part as an amused observer, too)

Seemed like a good idea to get planning out of the way so we don't have to worry about in the oncoming holiday rush.

Guidelines: $10 max; bring 1 item (wrapped to start) per person or couple (if a couple brings 1 item, they'll get 1 item in return); recycled & handmade items are fine.

Time: 3-6pm seemed to work for everyone - chime in if you feel differently.

Date: We need to pick a Saturday or Sunday in early-ish January, as these are traditionally post-Xmas (for maximum re-gifting pleasure). If you are *blocked* on any of these days, definitely let us know ASAP. Your choices: January 3, 4, 10, 11

Where: ? Last two were at Opal Divine's and Dog & Duck. Your suggestions are wanted!

All decision-making should be completed by 12pm CST 11/25 - I'll post to the sidebar when we've got it wrapped up.
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Why does it have to be a Saturday or a Sunday?

Aaaaand, we're off!
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Please, for the love of all that is holy, people: don't put crucial info in the title, put it in the post. Until I went in here and looked at the title, I had no idea where this was. This goes for MeTa AND AskMe. I don't know why exactly but it's a pet peeve of mine.

When composing your posts, please assume that the title doesn't exist. Otherwise when people are looking at the page your post or question will not make total sense.

Thank you.
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Well, it doesn't *have* to be, certainly, but since that seemed to be the most preferred set of days in prior discussions, it seemed logical.

But, sure, I see the issue with that. My apologies.

If folks want to pick other days, there's this nifty tool I read about the other day that we can use.

Pop your details in this availability poll and we'll give it the same amount of time to let votes percolate. no registration required - just provide username

Work for you? If not, I'm definitely open to other ideas. I'm just a tad over-efficient from time to time.
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Sorry, Deathalicious. I've become confused by stuff like that in the past myself, so that was hideously thoughtless of me.

If it's any consolation, I would totally edit that into submission if we had the ability to do so.

I need to get me a big box of mea culpas to pass out this evening, I think :/
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Well, balls. I was all set for a December date (seriously, you would not believe how great a $4 gift I happen to have here), but January is back to the grind.
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Well...I think I can add December to it...yep! December is added. I've included everything from 12/12-12/30 with the exception of the 24th-26th, since so many travel.
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I also removed the time choices - stretched it out too much. We can figure that out after we know what day of the week works out better.
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Friday, 12/12 has the most selections.

7pm sound good? We can save the exchange until 8pm, so that we have time to get settled and for any late schedules to hopefully comply.

No one's suggested any particular places - I've been wanting to visit Fiddler's Hearth, but open to other ideas.

(I've just learned a valuable lesson: no matter how convenient it seems, don't bring up a meet-up too far out. oops.)
posted by batmonkey at 10:20 PM on November 24, 2008

We can probably show up on 12/12 and I'd love to try out Fiddler's Hearth.

Also anyone running the Trail of Lights 5k the next night?
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