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Just in time for holidays, Metsy is here!

A lot of Mefites sell things on, and now you can find links to all our shops in one convenient location. I'm working on a Tumblr blog as well, so that people can see a bit more info about individual shops. If anyone has a not-too-complicated method for listing Tumblr tags in the sidebar, please let me know.

As mentioned in the previous discussion thread, just message me with your Etsy username if you would like to be added to the Metsy team. If your shop is empty right now but you think you might eventually list anything in the future, go ahead and message me anyway.
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Where do I buy stuff? No one seems to be selling anything. This cash is burning a hole in my trousers!
posted by ColdChef at 2:14 PM on November 20, 2008

Ah, wait. I found some stuff. Excellent!
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Whoo hoo! Digital enclave, baby.
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Metsy tag please! I will be needing to renavigate here.
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wow, you've got some beautiful stuff, casarkos! and this gave me the motivation to dig the excess jewelry out of my crafts drawer to start posting it. (alas, my first set of photos mostly sucked.)
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I just sent some art to MeFi user tangerine (should get there soon!) who can attest to my super secret special "MeFite discount."

I'm going to be adding a bunch of buddha photos (selection can be found on tumblr) to my shop over the weekend.

MeMail me if you would like to buy something with aforementioned Super Sekrit Discount.
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I am dumb as a box of rocks with this stuff. Is there a way to browse all the team members without just clicking links from this page? Can we do a workshop? What else can a team do? This is nifty!
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Is there a way to browse all the team members without just clicking links from this page?

I was just about to ask the same thing. A big page filled with pictures of pretty things, please!
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Or even just a list of people who are actually selling stuff - I might be doing something wrong, but almost all of the links lead to empty pages?
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Yeah, the Etsy teams page only shows a list of all the members, whether they have items posted in their shops or not.

I'm working on getting everyone with active shops onto - please be patient :)
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This looks rad! I'm a huge fan of Etsy-based gift-giving. However, let's not forget the MeFi Mall (or ShopMe) from last year.
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Also, I buy stuff on Etsy but don't craft myself. Is this team open to users like me?
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Aw, the link to my shop doesn't seem to be working but here it is: onepunkposy.
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We'll be updating the Mall post-Thanksgiving.
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Wow, look at this. I'm definitely gonna get some of that stuff.
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Of course you can join - it's just that people who click on your name will find an empty shop.
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I've got to hurry up and post some more stuff on there.
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Thanks for doing this. I'm hoping it's the kick in the pants I need to finally post things for sale.
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I'm in the middle of a book-binding blitz, results of which will be going in my shop very soon. But I have a ton of nautical maps (no rhyme or reason to their location) and am happy to make custom journals any size/number of pages you wish. MeMail me or drop me a line on Etsy.
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Our shop will eventually have hand-spun wool/llama blend yarn, but we don't have enough to process yet. There may be some jewelry up soon if turtlegirl finds time.
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So, uhhh, I guess I should upload my stuff huh.
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I'm a brand-new Metsy member but I'm not on the list yet, but I do have a few things for sale if you want instant satisfaction! Plug.
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Oh dear oh dear, I need to think of my new etsy name, stat.
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HelloCrafty is selling stuff!
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stitchcleveland (my shop) also has available -- and I'll update soon -- hand dyed yarn, more spinning wheels and spinning supplies, lots and lots of Amy Butler fabrics and patterns and specialty sewing equipment and la la la, plus coming soon, samples from my book The Pillow Book (really, even *I* don't need an entire how-to book's worth of pillows in my house) so if there is anything fibery or fabric-y, or you want a signed copy of one of my books or whatever, just convo me on Etsy and I will hook you up. Or there's always MefiMail!

Yay! Thanks for setting this up!
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I am not impressed that I was not sent back to the process of buying something after I created a username. Come on, Etsy, that's a basic.

(No criticism intended toward the group, which is very cool, just the site itself.)
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Yeah, Etsy is pretty clunky to navigate, unfortunately.

One thing for us sellers: We could put "metsy team" as one of the tags on our items so folks can search that way. The "team" part isn't necessary for the search, but it's a random requirement that Admin came up with last Spring. Most, if not all, teams use their team name as a tag so people can find them more easily. Especially since the search function isn't the greatest.
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To be perfectly Meta, this would be good place to look for a Secret Quonsar gift
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I put my little shop of herbal tinctures and books of poems in for consideration.
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