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I posted a personal project to mefi projects about a year ago. Ive made a few (fairly significant) improvements since. Appropriate to post it again, or abuse?

Linking to it here seems possibly shady, so ill say that when it was posted, I was using a different username, and that the project was a real time html/css/javascript editor.

"significant improvements" mean syntax highlighting for the code panes and targeted editing (edit the innerHTML of a particular element/container rather than the entire page).

enough of a change to warrant a repost?

also worth noting - I posted to projects when it was still a prototype (interesting concept with little use) in 2005, and again when it was more polished (usable). It was featured on the front page two months after its second appearance in projects.

this is just a non-commercial personal project that I tinker with from time to time.
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Am I wrong or did you post this to projects twice under different URLs under your last username? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but generally speaking our rule of thumb is that a post for a launch and a post when it's all redone [as often happens with projects that gain traction] is totally fine. That seems to be what you did, that's cool. More than that and it can seem like you're just trying to drive new traffic to an existing site. There's a wide chasm between normal use [post it once] and abuse [spam the site] and I think yours follows somewhere in-between and I'd err on the side of not doing it, but I'm cautious that way.
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oh hey, related question:

i posted a link to the company i work for to projects earlier this year. is it okay if I post again in late march/early april next year when our next season starts?
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enough of a change to warrant a repost?

I'd say no. Version number improvement announcements and mefiprojects just don't seem like a good mix
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I created a YahooPipe that takes an RSS feed and posts to MeProj everytime something is added. I assume this is okay.
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