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Secret Quonsar Thank You Thread!

Thank you, Secret Quonsar from Asheville NC! I got my fabu package from you today. I love the bouncy-ball globe and the wee quartz heart. I cannot wait to try out my flyingpterosaur glider, preferably while eating the pop rocks. But I think my favorite bit of the entire package, besides the snowman with a glitter carrot nose, is the pocket volcano. The package helpfully points out that instead of baking soda and vinegar I can crush up a bath bomb and have a volcano bath. I think I will do that tonight.

Thanks again! It's pretty grey and cold here in Chicagoland today and your gifts are the definite bright spot.
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I got a CD from ColdChef.
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I got a super cute cat staple free stapler from Bahama Mama today! It is awesome, and I am using it on all the stray paper around the house for no reason other than it's really fun.

Thank you, Bahama Mama!
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All I got was this fish in my pants :(
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I didn't get a name with my book which was sent through Amazon, but thank you! It's totally my taste but I would have never thought to buy it for myself. In other words, perfect gift!
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Haha, spec80, that was me! I'm so glad you liked it -- I was worried you might have it already.
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I also got a rock.
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I got Alzheimer's but at least I didn't get Alzheimer's.
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We thought quonsar was always spelt sans capital, and we also thought he was a curmudgeonly bastard who would never have lent his name to anything even slightly merry.

It's entirely possible we're mistaken, however.
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Also, jonmc always gets a rock, as immortalized in the Twisted Sister song "I want a rock", to wit:

I wanna rock


*guitar riff*

I wanna rock


*guitar riff*



*guitar riff*
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Suitably, since I am doing a lot of exotic and dangerous travel in the next month, backseatpilot got me a lovely plush towel. Don't leave home without one!

Thanks again!
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Still waiting. Also hoping my gift made it to its destination.
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I got mine yesterday, which was greatly awesome (thanks again, zinnie!) - hoping my Quonsaree likes theirs. I'm way more worried about that than I was about *getting* anything.
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Yay! I am so glad you liked it, sugarfish! Everything came from the gift shop of the museum where I work - in fact I picked out those pocket volcanoes for our inventory last year, thinking they were the coolest thing EVAR and yet children have not been buying them in droves. What is wrong with the little monsters? The pocket volcanoes must all go to Mefites who will appreciate their glory!
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moonmilk got me a tiny electronic keyboard! But it was because of this thread, not secret quonsar.

You are my hero, moonmilk! Expect something cool soonish.
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Still waiting. Also hoping my gift made it to its destination.

Me too. I hope my giftee realizes that it's the secret quonsar gift. It's not marked as such or anything.
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I forgot to even check to see who my person was until two days ago. I guess my elfster heads-up email got lost in my spam box. Needless to say, someone is getting a late present.
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I got my present from Avery but I don't know what it is, because its not Christmas yet, so I can't open it. I am very excited, though. I've got it sitting under my little foot high "Christmas Tree" and its my first present. I love the anticipation.
Also, the $6.66 postage made me smile so hard.
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Still waiting. Also hoping my gift made it to its destination.

Me too. I hope my giftee realizes that it's the secret quonsar gift. It's not marked as such or anything.

Me three. :-(

I understand that my gift _had_ made it to the destination, but the giftee wasn't around, so it went back to the post-office. The difficult bit here is that the gift is addressed to the giftee's _Metafilter_ name (which, unfortunately, was all I could get, or I didn't look hard enough), so it'll be interesting how s/he will prove to the postal authorities that s/he indeed is the intended recepient. I know that the local postal authorities will kick a massive fuss up.

I'm not sure what to do now; guess I'll wait and watch for a few more days before. Still don't want to make contact just as yet.
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PercussivePaul: THANK YOU! Seriously, I just said to someone a few weeks ago that I wanted to get some Tibetan prayer flags... and voila!

They're really beautiful -- I'm going to put them up across our porch right this minute.

*does a happy little quonsar dance*
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Thanks for my cool cookie cutters!
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I understand that my gift _had_ made it to the destination, but the giftee wasn't around, so it went back to the post-office. The difficult bit here is that the gift is addressed to the giftee's _Metafilter_ name (which, unfortunately, was all I could get, or I didn't look hard enough), so it'll be interesting how s/he will prove to the postal authorities that s/he indeed is the intended recepient.

I hope this wasn't me. The local postal authorities regularly bestow upon me mail addressed to an assortment of past tenants and neighbors, so I didn't think they'd give me any trouble over the MeFi alias. A day or two ago I got around to putting a sticker inside my mailbox saying "Please deliver mail for ORINDA here."

(But I just put my outbound shipment in the mail today, so I tend to assume that my S.Q. is running late too!)
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sits back in the thread (couldn't participate due to travel ) and basks in the rays of peace, joy, goodwill to all, general all round MeFi lovefest

*offers another 5 bucks*
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Oh my gosh! LN just sent me the most wonderful box of presents. It totally puts my own present to shame (I didn't even send mine myself, the store did!). I love all of it!!! Thanks soooo much! I was just feeling a little down about not spending Christmas with anyone this year, and this so completely cheered me up. I'm definitely doing this again next year, and I'll be upping my game.
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YAY PRESENTS! I just got a gorgeous photo print by a local Washington DC artist from totally rock! My first XMas gift! I'm totally into photography, too, so it's perfect. Many thanks!

(Dear My S.Q. - it's in the mail today)
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Thanks 1f2frfbf for the mug. It's almost a twofer - my cat loves the Styrofoam peanuts.
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Reposting here, thank you rinku for the beautiful, beautiful yarn!
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NUTS!!!! YEAH!!!! I love nuts, and no, I'm not allergic. Thank you thejanna!!!!!!!
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I can't believe how just giddy I am over the arrival of my gifts from smackfu today. I'm too excited to open them-- I think I'll first brew the enclosed holiday tea & play with the little steel ball & chunk of hematite while the water boils. Thank you so much, smackfu & MeFi!
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My secret quonsar gift arrived today -- from someone in Austin, Texas ... no metafilter name that I saw, but THANK YOU if you are reading.

I love my super cool bat shaped eye mask.

I love my scary little skeleton men.

I am an utter failure at making the weird korean heart papercrafts - I will keep trying to make a heart until I succeed!

I love the giant black hair clip / ponytail holder / decorative pin with a skull at its center - I will absolutely wear it in my hair on Halloween and on my coat the rest of the year (^_^)

and the best thing ever - Pet Triops - I never even heard of these sea monkeys on crack before - I need to get an aquarium and then its pet dinosaur fun and games for me.

Thank you so much!
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I got what I wanted! Thank you so much, secret santa :D
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Thanks to whoever chose the Pocket Reference book. It's actually just the kind of thing I wanted, and you chose well, overcoming the total lack of suggestions that I left...
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Reposting here!


You have no idea the power of the package! What an awesome treat -- I documented a bit of this in the package coming your way... but, the exciting news is this:

The panic button, worn to a friend's Christmas party, scored me a date. Yeah, I let him use my panic button.

Thank you so much! Merry Quonsar!

Thank you Indigo Rain for making it all happen!
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ack. confusing my tiny brain, this separating of the thank-yous to a new thread - ACK!

link back to the delighted thank-you to elmore.

and take a moment to also say, part of the great fun was back-stalking my secret quonsar. if that makes sense. my clue to his identity was the return address on the envelope. well, duh, you say, right? but it was quite cryptic - and was very funny, too. the return was listed simply as:


it was mysterious. and oh so satisfying, to type that number to the meta search field, and have a profile returned. like magic!
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Thankyou for my thinking putty and gummy coke bottles, secret quonsar! My hands are stronger and juices more creative already.
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I got my Secret Quonsar package yesterday. Thank you monopas!!! I love the cool Japanese swag (I have long wanted a bento box), and the hat came just in time for a massive snowstorm. Thank you!!!
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Thanks, caveat_empress. I got my stickers today!
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I got some delicious Virginia honey and some super awesome Virginia barbecue sauce (which I used to make a very tasty barbecue chicken!) but I still don't know who it is from!

My giftee must be very lonely ... the various parts of the package are scattered all over the city. Well, not really; some of it is at my house and some of it is at my office, where I have not been for several days due to stupid snow. So, as soon as I get there, I will assemble everything and send it off to you! So you who have not yet received gifts, do not despair.
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Thanks roll truck roll! I didn't unwrap your present yet because it's not Xmas but I thought you'd like to know I got it.
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Yay, boy detective! It looks awesome. Thanks for introducing me to The Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, too. :)
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PercussivePaul: THANK YOU! Seriously, I just said to someone a few weeks ago that I wanted to get some Tibetan prayer flags... and voila!

It's a Quonsar miracle! Glad you liked them.

As for me I'm still out of town, looking forward to having a package waiting for me upon my return...
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You're very welcome everyone. :) I am still waiting for mine, and to hear back from my giftee... I heard she got at least part of her gift but I don't know if the other half arrived yet!
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We don't usually get post on a Sunday, so it was a nice surprise to find my Secret Quonsar gift on the doorstep this morning. It's awesome - a history of George Eastman and the Kodak Camera - in comic book form!!! Someone definitely did their homework. But who? I checked the postcard of George Eastman House that came with it, but it was signed with a "?".

My only clues to who SQ might be was the location it was sent from and the date. I soon learned that not everyone adds their location to their profile - that's understandable. Luckily, nice helpful generous Metafilter members, tend to give helpful answers to questions about the place they are from. So - while taking a deep breath and crossing my fingers that I am right - I want to say thanks a million to Lucinda for the excellent gift.

Now, the fire is lit, and once the mulled wine is ready I am going to sit down and enjoy my book.
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Got my movie yesterday, yeah! Thank you, Reformed Jerk. The mail came when we were taking a nap, so it wasn't until 10:00 pm I asked my husband, "Did you get the mail yet?" I knew right away that the Amazon package must be from my SQ because it was addressed to ME and whenever I buy anything it is addressed to Mr. Gravy (One click shopping.) Anyway, lovely movie, The Piano. I had the soundtrack on cassette for years until I threw away all my cassettes in a fit of housecleaning. We'll watch it tonight. Merry, merry Quansar!
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I want to say thanks a million to Lucinda for the excellent gift.

You are quite welcome. :^) Merry Quonsar!
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Yay, julnyes, I'm so glad you liked everything - you were fun to pick out gifts for! I'm excited to know how the triop experience ends up, especially :D Maybe you can teach them to make the Korean paper crafts...?

IndigoRain honoured me with her gifting skills. Aside from providing the joy of opening up packages with mysteries inside, she sent a delightful book and a sweet lace & ribbon bookmark from an Etsy craftsperson.

Doing this gave me a tangible lift just when the winter holiday spirit was beginning to seem very lacking. Thanks, IndigoRain, for organising and everyone who joined in for making participation so much fun. Y'all gave me back my holiday spirit.
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Thank you, batmonkey (I'm so glad you liked your gifts!) and everyone else, for making this year a success, and for all the thanks. ;) I'd like to add a page to the Mefi Wiki with everything I learned from running it, so that next year if someone else would like to take the reins, there will be plenty of information available. I hope that everyone enjoys it this year!
posted by IndigoRain at 12:46 AM on December 22, 2008

Here is the first draft of the Mefi wiki page. Feel free to add/change things.
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Man, me and this Joker toy (Long Halloween one, with the huuuuuge teeth) are getting along great. Thanks mystery Quonsar! I'm gonna figure out who you are and send you a mefi thanks directly... somehow.
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I'm still waiting, but I'm happy just giving. =)
posted by Bageena at 10:23 AM on December 22, 2008

I hope you like it, smackfu.

I'm still waiting. Not impatiently, just excitedly.
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To my dearest giftee - it is on the way! It may not be there in time for xmas, as I'd hoped, so think of it as a new year's secret quonsar instead.
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Yay chiababa - glad you liked it! I was wondering if it would actually work!
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Oh wow, thank you The Man from Lardfork!!! I'd seen these recycled-from-a-library-book notebooks before and thought they were great but hadn't thought to buy one for myself. I love the bizarre cover too, and it is charming that the check-out card is still inside.

My person is still waiting. I'm sorry! Mailing it out today, just as soon as I find the card from last year to include in the package, to establish a chain of Quonsars.
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How cool is it that I got the book Thinking with Type two weeks before I start my letterpress class? It couldn't be more perfect! Thank you cgomez (and the internet)!
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Thank you Mochapickle! I got a beautifully wrapped Poe Uglydoll and some Italian candies and just my most favorite chocolate ever. I have a warm quonsar-y glow right now.
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I got my gift today!! I got the Zombie Survival Guide from my wishlist, along with World War: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Since I already have How To Survive a Robot Uprising, now I can survive robots, zombies, or perhaps robotic zombies. Yay!! I also got an apology for being late due to power outages, but it wasn't late... and since our power's been out twice in the last 3 days for several hours each time, I can completely understand! These storms have been awful. Thank you Secret Quonsar! (Who did not provide his/her Metafilter name, but it's either a Mike or Becca with 3 cute kids!)
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My S.Q. got her present but won't open it till the 25th. Hint: It's not Paul.

Still waiting for mine, but I am in Australia and am going off to Woodford (any other Mefites going?) so I won't know till next year anyway. I hope everyone enjoyed their presents!
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Thank you to my santa whoever you are for the giant box of candy and cake mix that turned up at my house five minutes ago. I LOVE me some foreign candy, how did you know? Have a very merry Christmas, you rock! :)
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O my dearest sweetest _dario!

When I first saw your post about the Italian post service on the original Secret Quonsar 2.0 thread, I thought to myself, “how cool would it be to get something from Italy?” But I didn't dare to hope... and now I’m over the moon! I’m rather embarrassed to say that the extent of my vocabulary when I received your gift yesterday was “oh-my-god- oh-my-god- oh-my-god…!” Do please take that as a compliment.

Your gift is SO perfect! Yummy treats from Italy! What more could a girl want? Unless I miss my guess (my ability to interpret Italian is a bit sketchy), they’re Italian fruitcake and Christmas cookies?! I haven't eaten any yet, but they smell of almond and citrus, and I know they will be delicious when we have them later with our tea. I may have to add ricciarelli to my baking repertoire!

And I absolutely adore the little houndstooth notebook! I will put it to good use.

Thank you! Thank you!
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Oh man, I spoke too soon. Bright and shiny, a package leapt from the postmaster straight into my eager-to-open hands this morning. The card wisely advised me to stuff my pants with fish, so I pulled some herring out of the freezer and opened the rest of my gifts.... my secret Quonsar sent me:

1 Mo's Bacon Candy Bar.
1 Vibrating Weenie Ring. My wife was pleased!
1 Willie Dixon Sings the Blues record. I'm a huge vinyl junkie and this made me do backflips. Trust me, that's hard when your pants are filled with fish.
2 cd Christmas mixtape, much enjoyed on the way to work.
A bundle of comics including:

Big Mouth
Will Eisner Reader
Curse of the Molemen

I love comics and I haven't read any of this stuff! Even as I sit at work, trying to be productive, the bundle of comics I sort of accidently-on-purpose brought to work with me beckons. I don't know how I'll make it until my first break to start reading.

@$^# it.
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Bageena, you brought a huge smile to my face-- I'm thrilled that you are so happy. By the way, the comics came from Mr. Gravy's old collection-- he was a big comics reader about 15 or so years ago. He has piles of them out in the barn.
posted by Secret Life of Gravy at 4:13 PM on December 23, 2008

Well, you tell Mr. Secret Gravy his comic collection is much, much broader and open-minded than mine, which I appreciate very much, as it's nearly the end of my work day and I've read most of what you sent me and it's all rad, especially 'Taboo'. My comic collection, while extensive, never got much more indie than The Tick, Bone, and Scud, the Disposible Assassin. The stuff you sent me is mind-blowing AND it makes me feel even more confident that I can one day fulfill my real dream, drawing comics. Some of these artists are only sliiiiiiiightly better than I. =P
I'm also thankful you outed yourself as my secret Quonstar! The mention of fish in the card made me think it came from someone like Five Fresh Fish or something, but I wasn't sure how to confirm that, so I was waiting and hoping someone would say something. You are now my favorite person on this whole website.

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, I'm sorry that you'll have to be demoted down to my second favorite now. If you'd like, I can provide you with my address and you could try to reclaim my number one spot with beautiful, strange bacon-infused candy, even more comic books and records, and an autographed picture from that Screech guy from Saved By The Bell.
posted by Bageena at 6:30 PM on December 23, 2008

My S.Q. got her present but won't open it till the 25th. Hint: It's not Paul.

Guh? Is it Weller-wishing me? We haven't actually received any mail for a couple of days, due to crazy holiday hijinx involving canceled vacation plans (blizzard in Seattle + boyfriend's deathly cold + me throwing my back out = let's just stay in L.A.!) without having yet had a chance to go to the post office to take our holiday hold off the mail. But now I have added incentive to hobble down there tomorrow!

posted by scody at 6:37 PM on December 23, 2008

Ah the fish-in-the-pants thing. It comes from an ongoing joke by the original quonsar.
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I just received some incredibly yummy Maple Leaf Cookies and Thrills Gum from my Canadian Secret Quonsar. Who knew "Still tastes like soap!" could be a selling point? I actually enjoyed the gum's strange soapy taste, though, and the cookies are everything that is right in the world. Thank you so much, Secret Quonsar!
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Duh, of course it's not me that divabat was talking about, because I already received my AWESOME s.q. gift from PercussivePaul. This is what happens when I screw up my back and am all hopped up on the vicodin. I just hope that my giftee receives their cadeau soon!
posted by scody at 12:11 AM on December 24, 2008

The cat-sitter reports that a package has arrived for "Orinda" (YAAAYY!) from "Aroon." I think that means "Aaron," which narrows it down a bit.

I can't open the box until after Christmas (boo!). In the meantime, it will give the cats something to sniff and rub their faces on.
posted by Orinda at 7:35 AM on December 24, 2008

I asked for the magnetic Tetris tiles that thinkgeek sells, and guess what I got? Hand-made magnetic Tetris tiles, made out of real tile! They're awesome, thanks! I don't even know who sent them - there was no MeFi handle anywhere, and maybe you don't want your real name and address plastered all over this thread. I got them just as I was leaving for my parents', but they're going up on my wall as soon as I get back to work. Thanks again!
posted by backseatpilot at 6:31 PM on December 24, 2008

Everybody Polka sent me tiny, angry breakfast food figurines that smoke! The coffee cup is basically my life.

posted by The Whelk at 8:20 AM on December 25, 2008

lapolla -- Thank you so much for secret quonsar gifts! (and thank you for putting up with shipping overseas, too!!) I put on the CD, made some tea and sipped it out of a delightfully twee mug while nibbling on sweets. :)
posted by mustcatchmooseandsquirrel at 2:13 PM on December 26, 2008

oh! i am glad you got the package so close to xmas! i was actually delighted to have an intl quonsee (it's just too bad the postman was a prick about it, hahaha.)

and sorry i mangled your meta name, and then confused it entirely with indigo rain! to explain it with a reason akin to scody's lament: been rather out of it with back trouble. my looniness stems from muscle relaxants rather than painkillers. add in a crazy work schedule and lack of sleep, and i'm lucky to have managed shipping the package to the right address.

but it was totally worth it. this exchange has been great fun, and i will definitely do it again next year!
posted by lapolla at 5:22 AM on December 27, 2008

I want to say thank you to my New York City secret quonsar who sent me fantastic glasses and plates with stylized maps on them. Love them! Perfect! They made me sing "New York New York! A wonderful town, the Bronx is up" etc to my small people pretty much continuously for the whole day (they joined in, luckily). My recipient in NC, I'm very, very slack but not so slack as to not send anything ever, so consider it a gift for the new year, okay? It's coming.
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scody's lament

*puts on running list of fictional band names*
posted by scody at 11:50 AM on December 27, 2008

Thank you tractorfeed! I love the artsy cards and faboo gel pens and now I have no excuse not to write real actual thank you notes! They came on the day after Christmas and totally brightened up my sleepy gray hungover messy kitchen day - hurray for secret quonsar!
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My Secret Quonsar (who turns out to be a good MeFite chap named Aaron, though none of the Aarons guessed at above) sent me an intriguing and out-of-print Kenneth Gaburo anthology of poetry, art, and uncategorizables. It suits the spirit of Secret Quonsar perfectly! Thank you, my S.Q.
posted by Orinda at 11:13 PM on December 27, 2008

... and Secret Quonsar sends some Christmas cheer from London!

Yes Virginia, the London Metro embossed playing cards and cool pen are _exactly_ the kind of stuff I'd have bought for myself had I taken a trip to London; love them Metro-based circuit diagrams, can't get enough of that.

The playing cards will go perfectly with the poker game planned for New Year's Eve, and the Lego-based coasters will go with the drinks on that night (but only till when the party starts; they will be quietly retired if and when the crowd starts to get a bit rowdy, or if the drinks change from single-malt Scotch to beer, whichever happens first.)

I'm torn on the Scary Jelly issue; while a part of me screams "food!" and "it'll go waste!" and wants to offer this as tidbits during the said party, another part says, "Heck, this is Scary Jelly; at least scare the girlfriend or something".

But the best part was the sparkling stuff that fell out of the packaging when I opened the thick, sealed-air envelope; that was, indeed, unexpectedly awesome and it did make me feel as excited as I was when I was six-year old, on the golden banks of the Arabian Sea.

Thanks Secret Quonsar for the cross-Eurasian package [Heh, don't worry, still the Christmas-New Year season out here in the tropics! ;-)] thanks IndigoRain for organizing it all, thanks to my giftee for enjoying my little package (s/he has already posted a thank you note, won't say which or who) and thanks to everyone for making this a fun experience. Season's Greetings, and here's wishing good things happen to you all! :-)
posted by the cydonian at 6:30 AM on December 29, 2008

awesome! boy detective got me the "Hungry Scientist Handbook." I'm already planning on making the modular pecan pie. Thanks! :-)
posted by everybody polka at 4:53 PM on December 29, 2008

I literally squealed and oooohed and aaaaahed over my gift when I got it this weekend (mail on hold while on vacay!) I give thanks to my totally awesome Secret Quonsar with this action shot from work.

(also, her internet-fu is fierce, I tell you! )
posted by NikitaNikita at 4:57 PM on December 29, 2008

Aw, great, NikitaNikita! In my rush, I forgot to add a note about my reasoning for sending those stickers, but I guess you know yourself well enough I didn't need to tell you you're a habitual anthropomorphizer!
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Indeed, I realized that fact about myself again when i noticed how much stuff on my desk has eyes.
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I got an awesome jar of home-mad olive berry jam! And me with 3 separate jam cookbooks had never even heard of olive berries! It was great. But I had to explain to my wife and kids why a stranger was sending me jam. One kid declined to eat it and volunteered to call 911 if we died. Thanks Secret Quonsar with handwriting like a woman who is slightly bugging my wife!
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And a perfect timing bonus to ejaned8, who sent me perfectly lovely glasses and mini-dishes. We used the glasses for our champagne tonight at our mini-NYE party (3 people.) They do indeed go with my retro decor!
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Thank you very much to LangeNU who sent me a very nice copy of Only Revolutions! It's been on my list of books to read for ages now, so I've got no excuses anymore not to get around to it.
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A hello and a big thank you to CheshireCat above for the copies of The Illustrated Man and About Schmidt, as well as a cool pencil, temporary tattoos, yummy chocolate, tea, and... a rooster! I opened it last and had the best laugh, it was the perfect surprise. My SQ gift was ten kinds of wonderful and truly made my day =)
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Wow! exceptinsects got me 10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces, which I've had my eye on for years but never gotten around to buying.
posted by roll truck roll at 12:12 PM on January 5, 2009

dreamyshade gave me an awesome, AWESOME, mini-crocheted longhaired hedgehog. Longhair meaning she's got a bit of an early 60's Cher hairstyle going on. Also! Mittens! This will hel me regress futher! Also! Car Stickers! I am very happy!

(Sorry it took so long, I just got back home yesterday, then had to spend some time hunting for where my roommates put the package when they cleaned up to have a party.)
posted by piratebowling at 7:33 AM on January 6, 2009

I got my super-deluxe hobo gloves today! Thanks whoever it was who sent it! It'll be very useful during the Toronto winter.
posted by reformedjerk at 8:18 PM on January 6, 2009

I'm late to the thread, even though a gorgeous pendant arrived for me long before xmas! It's perfect -- thanks so much, Amarynth. :)
posted by mochapickle at 4:35 AM on January 7, 2009

Thank you secret quonsor for not sending me that pony I asked for, or anything else...
posted by BrnP84 at 3:35 PM on January 22, 2009


Thanks Nicole C. for Instead of Education! I'm looking forward to reading it soon :)
posted by divabat at 11:45 PM on January 22, 2009

Well, in contrast to my initial intense excitement about this whole thing, I'm sad to report that, despite email communication with both my gifter and my giftee, I've not received a thing and I've not received confirmation that the gift I sent ever arrived at its destination. Fedex says it did, though, so in absence of further information, I'll chalk that down as a partial success.

Vexing, to say the least.
posted by Cobalt at 9:07 PM on February 10, 2009

I hope my giftee got his gift... I never heard, and I don't know what the protocol is for checking. It seems tacky to email them and say "um, so?"
posted by scody at 11:58 PM on February 10, 2009

Same, scody - but I did post it anonymously; and while my recipient is an occasional MetaTalk poster/commenter. maybe he just hasn't seen this thread? And maybe, just maybe, my gift was totally shit and not worthy of comment, even though I (rather enjoyed) trawling his AskMe and MeFi comments to find something I thought would be meaningful?

Oh, well. Such is the gamble of the Secret Quonsar.
posted by goo at 4:37 PM on February 11, 2009

Scody, Goo, never give up hope! I received my Secret Quonsar just today, on valentine's day, which I think is a little record for a CA to IT package, mailed on dec. 15th!

(and, in case my gifter is still checking this thread for news after all this time: again thank you, your gift made this morning much sweeter, warmer and all fuzzy, given that the OTHER thing I got in the mail was a letter from the tax office!)
posted by _dario at 10:31 AM on February 14, 2009

still hoping that something will arrive ...
posted by scruss at 9:21 AM on February 15, 2009

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