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I just moved to Colorado! Any interest in a meetup?

I'm up in Loveland/Fort Collins, but would be happy to come down to Denver. This weekend's out, but how about next Friday or Saturday the 23rd or 24th? You all will have to pick the place, though (degree of knowledge about CO: just figured out today that no, the ad trafficker who lives in Grand Junction does not work out of our Loveland office).

Also - if anyone knows of anything going on in Northern-ish Colorado for Inauguration Day, I'd love to hear about it!
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Welcome to Colorado, peachfuzz! Sounds fun. I live in Longmont, but Denver's probably the place to go. Friday the 23rd would be better for me.
posted by lukemeister at 5:44 AM on January 13, 2009

There's a Rock Bottom just off of I-25 at the Greeley/Loveland exit interchange (257A), in the Centerra shopping center. Also an Old Chicago just west of I-25 if you take the wicked cloverleaf 257B exit. I don't know if either of them have the favorite couches of Falling Rock.

I could currently do either the 23rd or 24th, unless skiing rears its lovely head.
posted by dr. fresh at 6:54 AM on January 13, 2009

The 23rd works for me! If course, keeping it in Loveland or Ft Collins is best for me - lukemeister, could you make it up here?
posted by peachfuzz at 12:09 PM on January 13, 2009

Sure, Loveland or Fort Collins would be great, peachfuzz!
posted by lukemeister at 12:29 PM on January 13, 2009

Welcome to Colorado! I suspect a Denver contingent might be able to be talked into making the trek to Ft. Collins/Loveland. I'd also prefer somewhere that wasn't a chain--I'm sure Ft. Collins would have some great options (I've enjoyed Avo's Number but haven't been for a number of years). Peachfuzz if you email me (gmail in profile) when you have a time/place...I can send an email to the list I have of Denver-Boulder MeFites.
posted by fieldtrip at 4:41 PM on January 13, 2009

Hmm dunno about me... but I will have a car! Basically it will depend on the cycling plans - better half's got some road trips scheduled. I will watch this thread closely tho!
posted by lonefrontranger at 5:14 PM on January 13, 2009

Can someone recommend somewhere great in Fort Collins, or maybe we could all meet in Boulder or somewhere else centralish? In Loveland, there's Henry's downtown...but that seems to be about it in the way of meetup-y places.
posted by peachfuzz at 6:11 PM on January 13, 2009

I suggested Rock Bottom/Old C's as they're easy to get to from Denver, but I understand the desire to stay away from chains.

There's Coopersmiths in Old Town Ft. Collins, which has a pool area but maybe not a larger group congregation area. Henry's downtown Loveland is good, but maybe a bit small. Crown Pub in downtown Ft. Collins might work.
posted by dr. fresh at 6:31 PM on January 13, 2009

I'd be pumped to go to Ft. Collins for a meetup during the weekend in question.
posted by u2604ab at 10:47 PM on January 13, 2009

Ahem. Isn't Ft Collins where they actually give birth to 90 Shilling? Mmmm... I could be persuaded.

And welcome to CO peachfuzz.
posted by NailsTheCat at 10:55 PM on January 13, 2009

Nails - during the spring or summer, a Saturday afternoon beer sampling meetup on the Odell's patio would be awesome (do you like how I know nothing about Colorado...but I know where the tasty beers come from?)! The inside is kind of not as fun, or I'd suggest it now.
posted by peachfuzz at 8:30 AM on January 14, 2009

Well I'm open for anywhere. And obviously the Falling Rock Denver works wonderfully for me.
posted by NailsTheCat at 3:41 PM on January 14, 2009

May I respectfully suggest a compromise: Boulder?

For purely selfish reasons, mind. Better half lives 3 blocks from Southern Sun :)
posted by lonefrontranger at 8:47 PM on January 14, 2009

So what do we think, Boulder, or Fort Collins? Which works for more people? I'm up for either.
posted by peachfuzz at 9:33 PM on January 14, 2009

What about Longmont as a central location? I'm up for anywhere, though.

Peachfuzz: historically, Denver MeFites (myself especially) are indecisive. I blame the thin air.
posted by fieldtrip at 10:26 PM on January 14, 2009

I vote for Boulder. Not that there's anything wrong with Longmont, but no meetup is complete without lonefrontranger!
posted by lukemeister at 3:52 PM on January 15, 2009

Boulder it is, since two people have said it might work for them...and selfishly, because I've never really hung out much there and would like to see it. So Friday, 1/23, let's say 7pm? Only thing left to pick is the place, which I'll need to defer to you all on.
posted by peachfuzz at 8:44 PM on January 15, 2009

OK, great, peachfuzz!
posted by lukemeister at 9:08 PM on January 15, 2009

Shall we make it Southern Sun?
posted by lukemeister at 12:47 PM on January 17, 2009

Southern Sun is a good option. I say we run with it at this point. Is there a Denver contingent that would like to carpool and/or bus together?

Southern Sun is in the Table Mesa shopping center (Broadway and Table Mesa) near Neptune Mountaineering and Savers on the south side of Boulder for those who aren't familiar.
Southern Sun, 627 South Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305, (303) 543-0886
posted by fieldtrip at 10:57 AM on January 18, 2009

Oh, I just remembered Southern Sun does not take credit/debit cards. I think that they have an ATM though and there is certainly a Wells Fargo one around the corner.
posted by fieldtrip at 6:10 PM on January 18, 2009

okay, see you all there!
posted by peachfuzz at 8:02 PM on January 18, 2009

Southern Sun is awesome and definitely has an ATM, I've used it many times. Southern Sun will also be packed to the gills at 7:00 on a Friday evening. If experience is any guide, there will be a 2 hour or more wait to get a table at this time, bar seating will be close-packed and they do not take reservations. I would suggest that someone go early with a head-count and get in line for a table to open @ 7pm. I cannot, unfortunately volunteer for this.

Otherwise, I would hope to meet folks there. I've never done a MeFi meetup before, and this sounds fun.
posted by u2604ab at 11:07 AM on January 19, 2009

I could probably get there early. How early do you think it needs to be, u2604ab?
posted by lukemeister at 5:53 PM on January 19, 2009

I'm sure u2604ab is correct about crowds. I hadn't factored in the popularity of Southern Sun.

lukemeister thanks for volunteering. I wonder if getting in line for a big table would even work? If said big table opens up wouldn't they rather seat a party that is present? Maybe you could call and find out. Also, I think I'm only working a half day on Friday so I can keep someone company if they want to get there early. Pre-meetup at 6pm for meetup at 7pm?
posted by fieldtrip at 9:13 PM on January 19, 2009

Cool, this Friday? I work not far from there so how about I just bail a little early and head over there? I can be there to keep the early crew company and will see if the better half wants to join. Can't wait!
posted by lonefrontranger at 5:47 AM on January 20, 2009

I'm 50/50 on attending: the same friend who was visiting the last time we had a meet-up is visiting again. The timing is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to kybosh my MeFi plans yet again. If I can make it I'm happy to drive but I wouldn't be able to leave until around 6. :(
posted by NailsTheCat at 7:21 AM on January 20, 2009

Yes, lonefrontranger, this Friday. I'll accept your offer to hold down the fort. See you soon!
posted by lukemeister at 8:05 AM on January 20, 2009

Wahoo - thanks for being so on top of it, guys. Looking forward to it!
posted by peachfuzz at 11:36 AM on January 20, 2009

I'll email the rest of the Denver - Boulder folks (at least the ones that I have addys for).
posted by fieldtrip at 10:17 PM on January 20, 2009

Also added to meetup sidebar. I look forward to seeing all ya'll.
posted by fieldtrip at 10:26 PM on January 20, 2009

reflection!!! Dude you have been missed! Sheeze this will (almost) make up for the lack of -t!!

Update - the better half is bringing his new D90 with its superb low light capabilities, and I got a new speedlight for my rig! Be prepared for 2 Nikonian nerds extraordinaire who can beanplate an f-stop with the best of them :)
posted by lonefrontranger at 1:09 PM on January 21, 2009

-t, we miss you!
posted by lukemeister at 8:05 PM on January 21, 2009

Rats, I wish I could be there. A friend I haven't seen since W won his election is in town tomorrow night, and I'm leaving immediately after to do the Talons Challenge at Beaver Creek on Saturday. I'll miss the awesome cameras and conversation, hope I can make it to the next meetup!
posted by dr. fresh at 6:18 PM on January 22, 2009

We'll do another one soon, dr. fresh. Have fun with your friend and enjoy the snow!
posted by lukemeister at 7:00 PM on January 22, 2009

Someone save me a seat.

posted by -t at 6:06 AM on January 23, 2009 [1 favorite]

You gonna make it, -t? Dammit, I cannot wriggle out of dinner with wife and friend etc. Next time. Soon. Have a great night y'all.
posted by NailsTheCat at 8:34 AM on January 23, 2009

Are you back in Colorado, -t?
posted by lukemeister at 11:42 AM on January 23, 2009

minus tee!!!!! omgomgomgomgomg!!!!

*runs in circles*

posted by lonefrontranger at 3:00 PM on January 23, 2009

posted by lukemeister at 3:42 PM on January 23, 2009

I just got here and it's madhouse. I'm by the front door in a white turtleneck with a Nikon round my neck. If you're here speak up!
posted by lonefrontranger at 4:49 PM on January 23, 2009

Hi, lonefrontranger! I'm still in my office in downtown Boulder, but I'll try to get there by 6:15.
posted by lukemeister at 4:52 PM on January 23, 2009

Do we have any clue on a head count? She won't even start a wait list without one. Should I just make a wildass guess at six or so?
posted by lonefrontranger at 4:59 PM on January 23, 2009

Ok you know what, I just put us down for six - come to the host stand and ask for the MetaFilter party. They're on an hour wait right now.
posted by lonefrontranger at 5:02 PM on January 23, 2009

Ok Keagan just showed up- look for a matching nerd couple with matching Nikons standing by the fries.
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Update- fieldtrip and lukemeister are here as well! Fun is already being had -- oh and we just took over one of the tall "on deck" booths by the front door.
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Running a wee bit late - why is everything in CO sofar apart - but will be there a little after seven.
posted by peachfuzz at 5:58 PM on January 23, 2009

For whomever didn't show ...wish you were here

-- lonefrontranger
-- -t
-- fieldtrip
-- lukemeister
-- reflection
-- peachfuzz
-- u2604ab

And Aidan and Keagan (not on Metafilter)

Shoutouts to:

-NailsTheCat... dude you need to just drag the friends along!
-jessamayn! Because she showed up!! Last time! It was awesome!
-koeselitz- dude... Was it something we said? We miss you :(
-Green Eyed Monster
-dr. fresh- man meetups just aren't the same without you.
-vacapinta... because without you guys the place would rapidly devolve into a farkery of asshats

And to everyone else who makes this place Not Lame. Yes, I'm drubk.
posted by lonefrontranger at 8:30 PM on January 23, 2009

u2604ab & son (Aidan) had a grand time. Aidan of course is now fast asleep, and u2604ab wishes his last bier of the evening was enjoyed with such grand company rather than in the company of his current laptop screen.
posted by u2604ab at 9:22 PM on January 23, 2009

Nice to meet you, u2604ab! Aidan was great.
posted by lukemeister at 9:30 PM on January 23, 2009

Obviously, the sheer awesomeness of the meetup is what broke metafilter.

Good to meet everyone!
posted by peachfuzz at 11:56 AM on January 26, 2009

Now updated with photo links. Here are the ones Keagan and I shot (see also header). -t uploaded some as well.

I think reflection is the one who broke Metafilter. The bastard stole my iPhone and was drunkposting to the site!!!
posted by lonefrontranger at 5:14 PM on January 26, 2009

I think those crazy posts started before fieldtrip showed up. How did he do that?
posted by lukemeister at 6:03 PM on January 26, 2009

um ... s/fieldtrip/reflection/g

... and I'm not even drunk!
posted by lukemeister at 6:03 PM on January 26, 2009

Aye ya. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Yea! for -t being back and nice to see reflection again. Sorry I couldn't make it--next time... next time...
posted by NailsTheCat at 7:55 PM on January 26, 2009

Our joy would have been complete if you'd been there, Nails!
posted by lukemeister at 8:29 PM on January 26, 2009

Excellent photos! Good gravy, those are fabulous. It was great to see everyone and great to meet the folks I haven't met; u2604ab, Aidan, Peachfuzz and Keagan. And nice to talk to lukemeister who I haven't really had a chance to chat with before. Good to see Reflection again and -t....what a pleasant surprise! LFR, always a pleasure! Let's do this again sooner rather than later.
posted by fieldtrip at 10:11 PM on January 26, 2009

-t, lonefrontranger: Thanks so much for your great photos!
posted by lukemeister at 9:25 PM on January 28, 2009

Yes, guys, thanks for the photos! There's some really great ones of Aidan. And... It's really funny, this 'parenting' thing. One of the best photos was of Aidan sitting on the floor drawing with a crayon. I remember thinking while this was happening, "Oh man. Please get up off the floor. What will people think that my kid is sitting on the dirty bar-restaurant floor and not at the table? I wish he would just sit at the table, etc etc etc." But the photo of him sitting on the floor gives me an entirely different -- more relaxed -- perspective on the whole thing.
posted by u2604ab at 7:11 AM on January 29, 2009

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