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Text display issues in MetaTalk (and MetaTalk only) after upgrading to Safari 4 beta. (Leopard)

I haven't noticed this anywhere else on the site, but in MetaTalk, the sidebar seems to push text out of the way so that when the page loads, all of the usual page text (date, post title, etc.) begins below the sidebar. Widening the page brings the text back to where it should be.
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Hm, weird. Are you resizing the window with Mondo Mouse? I see this happening if I resize that way but not if I resize with the normal resizing control, except for a very narrow range of window widths where it happens either way. Anyway, looks like a rendering bug in the beta, no great surprise.
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I'm not using anything to resize the window other than pulling the bottom left corner a bit. After just barely moving the corner, all the text falls into place, and continues to fall into place when I drag that window corner around the screen (except, as you said, in the case of very narrow page widths.)

The fact that I couldn't reproduce the bug in other areas of the site are what made me thinks something about MetaTalk was causing the problem, but maybe you're right and it's a bug in the beta. Before I report the bug to Apple, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed the same issue here (and if maybe one of the mods could weigh in on whether the problem is on Apple's end or not.)

Blazecock Pileon's snapshot is similar to what I'm seeing over here.
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Weird, it looks perfectly fine here in Safari 4 beta for me. I'm gonna chalk this up to "bleeding edge beta software has display issues with ten year old website" for now.
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Looks fine in plain text theme as well. I'm not seeing what Blazecock Pileon is seeing at all.
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huh, I can only get it to appear after a comment is posted, if my window is narrow (~850px wide). It seems to be a redraw/flow issue with the browser.

Since the browser beta just came out this morning and they'll likely have several versions to update before it goes gold, I'd say suck it up for now and wait for the bug fixes in future point releases.
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Thanks, Matt. Off to squash a Safari bug.
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Yep, filed a bug with Apple.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 5:58 PM on February 24, 2009

Steve takes a leave of absence, and look what happens.
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I saw it too. Only once.
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Oh, no, wait, there it is again. I have filed a bug.
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Steve takes a leave of absence, and look what happens.

I hope he's okay.
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I'm seeing this on the MeFi front page (blue) when logged in only. All posts are pushed down below the right sidebar. When I log out, it renders fine. MetaTalk renders fine either way. I'd already filed a bug before popping in here to notice others had done the same, so it will probably just get added to that pile.
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OK, I went "back" to the front of MetaTalk and now it's doing it too. Strange.
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Loading mefi from the topsites page is enough to trigger the problem for me. Filed a bug report with Apple as well,
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Happening for me too. Big white space area until I resize the browser window. Only takes a little nudge to bring this back, but then the window is more fluid.
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REGRESSION: MetaFilter content shown below sidebar until refresh
Opened: 2008-06-21 19:17 PDT
posted by bigtex at 1:11 AM on February 27, 2009

I'm hitting it every time now (Safari 4 beta), regardless of window width. Resizing the window fixes it.
posted by doctor_negative at 12:35 PM on March 4, 2009

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