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Pony request: fix anchors for Safari?

I noticed recently that page anchors on MeFi were no longer working on iOS if opened in a new tab. Any links to specific comments just don’t work - the page loads, but I’m placed at the top, not the comment itself. It appears to be a known quirk with a usable solution. Can this be fixed? [more inside]
posted by caution live frogs on Oct 2, 2021 - 9 comments

Touch My Pony (iOS)

Is there anything that can be done about being locked out of editing a draft post after changing tabs or exiting the editing box on iOS Safari? [more inside]
posted by snuffleupagus on Jul 20, 2021 - 14 comments

Back button with iPhone 11 snaps to top of AskMeFi page

When I am under the fold and then swipe to the right to go back to the main page, it snaps back to the top of the page instead of where I left off. So I need to scroll down to find where I was. It doesn’t happen with other MeFi pages or other pages in general, just AskMeFi. I use Safari. It’s so annoying I often just give up! Please help. [more inside]
posted by waving on Sep 20, 2020 - 24 comments

Issues with Recent Activity page on mobile Safari?

When I load this page, regardless of settings, it jumps back and forth between two apparently presentations and is totally unusable — you can’t read or click anything. Is this just me, or is it a broader problem? My iPad is new and up to date.
posted by uberchet on Jul 30, 2020 - 12 comments

GraphFi + user tags chrome extension

Hi friends, Remember when yourcelf made GraphFi and it was great? Well, it still is great, only now it is also available as a chrome extension that I threw together. I've also added another thing that I've always wanted to make threads easier to follow - user tagging! Yay! Enjoy it (or hate it), and let me know what you think! Previous safari extension by nicwolff.
posted by durandal on Mar 28, 2017 - 12 comments

GraphFi Injector

I am too lazy to select a bookmark every time I want to use yourcelf's excellent GraphFi bookmarklet, but apparently not too lazy to write a wee Safari extension to add a little ➡️ button to each post page that runs it.
posted by nicwolff on Jun 5, 2014 - 6 comments

In-progress comments erased on new Retina iPad when switching tabs

I have noticed a change in behavior in the new Retina iPad mini running iOS 7 (from the original iPad mini running iOS 6). [more inside]
posted by blueberry on Nov 19, 2013 - 20 comments

HowlsOfOutrage lives again, expands

Due to a couple of recent MetaFilter user requests to return it to working status, I have updated the popular (6K+ downloads on userscripts, more elsewhere) HowlsOfOutrage Greasemonkey script. The script displays a popup window of all users favoriting a particular MetaFilter post or comment on mouse hover over the favorites text. In addition, I've updated the Chrome extension, and added a new Safari extension. Testing was successful, but not exhaustive. All completely free as always, natch. [more inside]
posted by mdevore on Jul 1, 2013 - 42 comments

Why doesn't Safari iOS remember where I was last reading?

I just got an iPad (the 3rd gen/newest one, if it matters). In Safari, when I hit the back button from a MeFi post to the main page, I am always taken to the top of the page, instead of where I was last reading. Am I doing something wrong? I don't have this problem on my iPhone.
posted by radioamy on Apr 21, 2012 - 14 comments

mediaplex in effex

Try to access Metafilter through Safari: success!! Try to access Metafilter through Chrome: routed to Mediaplex.com. Other websites are fine, this is only happening with Metafilter. Wassup with that. A problem on my end only or is this something happening to others, as well?
posted by (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates on Feb 27, 2012 - 26 comments

Safari bug

Safari 'in-page' player youtube glitch. [more inside]
posted by a womble is an active kind of sloth on Feb 12, 2011 - 10 comments

Weird posting error whilst using Safari 3.1.2 on OS X 10.5.5.

Weird posting error whilst using Safari 3.1.2 on OS X 10.5.5. [more inside]
posted by Sticherbeast on Aug 1, 2010 - 19 comments

Curious about MeFi/AskMe in relation to Safari 5.0's Reader function.

Curious about MeFi/AskMe in relation to Safari 5.0's Reader function. [more inside]
posted by blueberry on Jul 10, 2010 - 44 comments

greasemonkey scripts ported to Safari?

With Safari 5 supporting extensions that are very similar to greasemonkey scripts, I'm wondering if any existing MeFi-related scripts have been/are being ported over.
posted by adamrice on Jun 10, 2010 - 13 comments

1 step forward, 2 steps back

Safari 5 (on Mac) breaks the post comment box formatting options? [more inside]
posted by qwip on Jun 8, 2010 - 22 comments

Safari 4 causing new posts to be marked read

Safari 4 does not seem to be correctly displaying the number of new posts in a thread and I think it's the Top Sites feature of Safari 4 that is causing this problem. [more inside]
posted by gyc on Jan 6, 2010 - 9 comments

Safari 4 and Music

Can't seem to see the moving yellow line as the song's playin'. Song plays and pauses fine but no progress bar.
posted by chococat on Jun 12, 2009 - 10 comments

Safari update doesn't have bold/italics/link shortcut

Has anybody updated Safari today and noticed that the shortcuts to italicize, bold and link text are missing below the comment box? I'm logged in, I think java is working and I'm stumped.
posted by bonobothegreat on Jun 8, 2009 - 1 comment

Safari 4...everything but content

Running Safari 4 (beta i know) the blue will load everything except the page content. Loads banner, side bar. but no page content. If i hit reload it loads up. Anyone else having this problem? [more inside]
posted by ShawnString on Feb 26, 2009 - 1 comment

Where did it go? Oh, there it is.

Text display issues in MetaTalk (and MetaTalk only) after upgrading to Safari 4 beta. (Leopard) [more inside]
posted by emelenjr on Feb 24, 2009 - 19 comments

Can't get in to Metafilter with Firefox

I can't log in with Firefox, Safari's working just fine. Following Jessamyn's suggestions I deleted cookies & disabled greasemonkey, but just get directed back to MeFi homepage as not logged in. Anyone else having trouble? Anyone solved it? [more inside]
posted by tula on Apr 2, 2008 - 19 comments

MeFiJobs map kills Safari

Just an FYI...Due to changes made over at GoogleMaps, the map on MeFiJobs now crashes older versions of Safari. [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad on Mar 10, 2008 - 15 comments

Flogging a dead horse

Safari and the html widgets...A silly technical question re:User Agents [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad on Jan 22, 2008 - 8 comments

Save Mr. Crashy Pants

Add as a contact may or may not be broken, but it crashes Safari. [more inside]
posted by emelenjr on Jan 6, 2008 - 9 comments

MeFi Mail link in profile page all screwy

I'm running Safari on Mac OS 10.4, and the "send MeFi Mail" link does not seem to work. Am I alone? [more inside]
posted by Corduroy on Jan 2, 2008 - 26 comments

Over-active Activity

I was digging through my "Activity" and discovered that, in Safari, clicking on "Older" or "Newer" opened the next page in a new window. Clicking "Older" or "Newer" in that window opens yet another new window. And so on... Weirdly, clicking on "Older" or "Newer" in Firefox opens the pages in new tabs. Repeatedly.
posted by Thorzdad on Aug 22, 2007 - 8 comments

"I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)"

Enabling the italics and bold buttons beneath the comments box for Safari users?
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Jun 12, 2007 - 9 comments

Unable to stay logged in using Safari 2.0.3. on Mac

I can't stay logged in! I log in, click on comments and am suddenly logged out. Or I'll log in and click from, say, Metafilter to Metatalk and I'm logged out again. Am using Safari 2.0.3, have logged out then deleted cookies and have reset Safari too. Same thing keeps happening. What can I do?
posted by brautigan on Nov 21, 2006 - 5 comments

Does the html posting toolbar show up in AskeMe using Safari?

I suppose this must come up from time to time, but I couldnt' find it searching... I was just viewing AskMe through Safari and when I went to add a comment, the little toolbar for bolding/italcizing/linkifying text wasn't there. I see this is the same on the other pages as well. What up with that?
posted by hwestiii on Sep 23, 2006 - 3 comments

Tag feeds in Ask MeFi don't work in NetNewsWire

Tag feeds (like this one) in Ask MeFi don't work in NetNewsWire though they work in Safari. Can anyone duplicate this or offer me a solution?
posted by Mo Nickels on Jul 26, 2006 - 9 comments

Safari Problem

Text fields are rendering oddly in Safari for me...
posted by nathan_teske on Jun 19, 2006 - 4 comments

I have a small problem sorting the front page of MetaFilter

I have a small problem sorting the front page of MetaFilter. [more inside]
posted by tellurian on May 18, 2006 - 7 comments

AskMe Giant Titles

The titles of the Ask posts are appearing at the top of the posts in GIANT fonts for me. Safari.
posted by Manhasset on Feb 9, 2006 - 7 comments

"add tag" bug in safari redirects

Clicking on "add tag" within an existing post using Safari redirects to the front page before any tags can be added. (Forgive me, if this has been pointed out before... I did several searches but couldn't find the magic search terms to narrow it down to anything specific)
posted by Robot Johnny on Jan 11, 2006 - 1 comment

Safari crashing

Something is causing my Safari 2.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.3 to crash after I've typed three or four characters into the "post comment" textarea on any MeFi site.

It doesn't happen with the "Post a thread" textarea, as evidenced by this post...
posted by Mwongozi on Jan 1, 2006 - 10 comments

I am unable to add tags to my latest post.

I am unable to add tags to my latest post. I click on "add tags", and I am redirected to the Front Page. Safari, OSX.
posted by matteo on Dec 19, 2005 - 9 comments

Recovering from Safari crashes

For all of you OS X users who have lost a sparkling opus in the comment window, this tip from Mac OS X Hints might help you recover what would have otherwise been lost to civilisation when your browser crashed...
posted by i_cola on Dec 19, 2005 - 7 comments

Safari 2.0 tabs bug with background colors

i opened ask metafilter and metatalk in two tabs in Safari 2.0, closed the AskMeFi tab, and (i think) clicked a link in MeTa, and the top frame is still AskMeFi green. here's a link. looks like a caching issue obviously but i've refreshed and it's still there.
posted by spiderwire on Jul 14, 2005 - 12 comments

Something's odd with my question thread.

Something's odd with my question thread. Here's what the bottom of the page looks like in Safari and Firefox. I reset Safari and I'm still getting the same thing.
posted by ArsncHeart on May 13, 2005 - 6 comments

Display problem in Safari 1.3

In Safari 1.3 the background of the top nav panel on AskMe is in MeTa grey rather than green.
posted by bonaldi on Apr 16, 2005 - 25 comments

Why do some Metafilter features appear in Firefox but not Safari?

I’m a rookie Mac user and pretty new around this site. I’ve noticed while computer hopping that when I use a PC there is a small toolbar in the lower-right corner of the message windows on this site. It’s the one with the Bold, Italic and Link buttons. When I use this site on my iMac, there is no such tool bar. Is this a settings thing or just a “feature” of using a Mac? Also, is this an appropriate use of MetaTalk or should I post things like this in Ask MetaFilter?
posted by Neosamurai85 on Mar 12, 2005 - 9 comments

Safari Sidebars?

I'm a big fan of Safari. Any chance of Matt, or any other programmers here, creating a MeFi sidebar for this browser?
posted by BlueTrain on Jan 2, 2004 - 20 comments

MF hanging Safari

Has anyone noticed a problem with MF and Safari >=0.67? These are the builds with tabs; 0.73, the first public release, went into open beta today. I often find that the MF home page will hang Safari until it's done (spinning cursor, can't scroll, can't leave the page early, no interaction at all.) This doesn't seem to happen with the lofi page (or anywhere else).
posted by Armitage Shanks on Apr 14, 2003 - 21 comments

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