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I'm looking into setting up a home network. Mostly I want to be able to access from multiple machines and as the secondary backup. I would like to eventually be able to tie into my home entertainment system. I've done a lot of reading but would like to hear what's working for others. I'm not familiar with Linux but am wondering if I should venture that way. I'm using Vista. Thanks.

I'd prefer to keep the costs down like most would. Do I need to have a raid system? I know the benefits but could that be overkill? I believe I need at least 1tb of working storage ( 2 tb if I go raid)
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i think you want ask me.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know why massaging the arch of one's foot feels so good?
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When you massage your arch I don't feel a thing.
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my grammar sucks, i know. :)
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Hey, pb, get on that, will you?
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Like the first commenter said, this is something you should ask over on Ask Metafilter; Metatalk is specifically for site-related discussion. I'll close this up; drop me a line if you need any more detail.
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