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Can I download askmefi questions and answers?

For the next few months, I won't have regular internet access except when I drive out to starbucks to get free wifi. If I download askmefi with RSS I can download all the questions, but is there a simple way to download both the questions and answers so that I can read them offline?
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This isn't something that comes up very often so we're not likely to build something specifically for offline browsing. It sounds like you need an outside tool. You might ry a Google search for offline browser and see if any the results can help you out.
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From a terminal:
wget -r -l2 -w2

- the "-w2" causes it to wait two seconds between requests - it'll take a bit longer, but is the polite thing to do, to avoid crushing the server

- If you're on windows, you'll first need to download wget for windows
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If you want to get fancy, you could set up some filters to exclude the /user/ and /tag/ pages, which you probably won't be needing, and will add a lot of time and bandwidth.

There are also many GUIs for wget that will make this all easier for someone not familiar with the command line.
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I've used Winwget before. It hasn't been updated in a while, but it did the job. There are a million download-related extensions for Firefox, too, but I don't know which ones are good.
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Scrapbook is a Firefox add-on that will download pages, and will also follow embedded links, so if someone posts a link to Amazon, for example, it will also download that Amazon page. You can decide how deep to follow links, and whether you want to download images and Javascript too.

It works well.
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Awesome. I want this thread in my Recent Activity, for chrismiller's comment.
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wget is powerful but it can be a bit clunky to use on dynamic sites. I use HTTrack as my offline browser and it works very well. One of the advantages is you can save sessions configured to download what you want and then update them with just the new content in the future.
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If you are on a Mac, this quickie script can help:

You might need to use fink to install some stuff. Once fink is installed, open Terminal and type this:
sudo fink -y install wget links

If you are on windows, install Cygwin, and then you can use this script.
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If you use Google Reader to subscribe to individual questions that interest you (if you have the time and inclination to do so), it has an offline mode.
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I want this thread on my recent activity because I'm a greedy motherfucker.
A feature you may not know about: if you favorite a post, you can see it in your recent activity page by clicking the My Favorites tab.
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Re: scrape.bash - Huh. Maybe I've been spoiled by Perl, but grep should have some equivalent to "(\d)+".

I've seen a Yahoo Pipe for getting all the comments for the most recent posts. I'll see if I can find it again.
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Okay, that (those?) Yahoo Pipe(s?) wouldn't work unless you think that context is for the weak.
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grep should have some equivalent to "(\d)+"

Assuming you have Gnu grep, [0-9]+ does that job but is not equivalent to [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] which is more concisely expressed as [0-9]{6}.
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You're mad about the length of the regex, but you completely ignored the year 2100* bug!?!

That's how I'm going to make my retirement money: Y2100 AskMe script consulting.

* assuming 10k threads per year
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Eh, it would work, but I was just taking off points for style, not trying to do a reasoned critique, which would require actually looking at the wget man page. *shudder* flabdablet very carefully preserved the y21h/pre-August 2008 bug, which I didn't.
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