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Black-Texted on the.. purple? (Dammit, people! What color is this?) when I'm in MetaTalk for more than twenty minutes, I see tracers of dark texts on the background when I move my eyes. I bring this up so we can maybe talk about just what kind of talk falls outside of the guidelines for MetaTalk-- I notice there are only like two posts a day.

Is this because there's a lot of really stupid stuff that gets deleted here (like this)? Is it because there's really not much to say that hasn't been said before-- at least all too often? Is it because it's an intimidating place?

Also, can anyone recommend a good optometrist in Chicago?
I kid, I kid.

(I am actually curious about the black ghost-text phenom, too, though)

and lastly, if this does get deleted, it will still have served its purpose: getting a sense of what's considered appropriate for MetaTalk.

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when I'm in MetaTalk for more than twenty minutes

In a well-lived life, this should never occur.

I offer this wisdom for the 8 people who may see this thread before it's deleted.
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well, if that's the case..

...and I still don't know what 'beans' are, so... if you have anything on that, that'd be great (wiki search honestly comes up dry).

I was going to say, "is this post an example of beans?" but even I know that's just trolling (although I am open to being called out on candyhammering accidentally about something when I attempt to cakethrash something else ironically (it's happened every time I've post in MetaTalk so far (but at least now I know what kind of tone to take (I oughtn't have posted anything until a month after signing up, (when it comes to that (..but considering it's devolved to this, we may have answered the question of what a n00b does after their initial pony requests: "attempt to coin new in-terms by acting like a jagoff" (you decide).).).).).).).
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Give me all of your drugs. You don't need any more.
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I KNOW RIGHT?! And REM'S Green album was ORRRRANGE?!?!?!
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I bring this up so we can maybe talk about just what kind of talk falls outside of the guidelines for MetaTalk

That's good because it seems like something you could maybe use a litte primer on.

The categories pretty much say it all: bug reports, feature requests, meetup announcements, uptime [more of a problem in Olde Tyme MeFi], policy and "MeFi related" which is more of a place for "Hey we got mentioned in the New York Times" or "hey, a MeFite did something interesting!" than "I wan tot talk about MetaFilter"

Every MeTa thread goes to all the mods/admins and we feel pretty obligated to at least check in and/or reply. Because of this and various other reasons, it's not really a place for idle bullshit. This is a big site run by a very small group of people. There are a lot of spin-off sites that have grown up around this site that are less formal and a little better suited for idle chat, bullshit, nonsense or whatever.

I am sorry about your eyeballs, but if you're feeling lonely, you might want to explore some other MeFi-related sites and not just post here again. Feel free to MeMail me directly if you'd like some pointers for sites you might like, or maybe other peopel can chime in.
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And your parenthesis keys. You can have them back after the party, or after you get sent home in a cab, whichever comes first.
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Black-Texted on the.. purple?

The grey. Or gray. However you prefer. It's #666666. As noted in a previous thread, some folks have claimed it was brown in the past as well.

I bring this up so we can maybe talk about just what kind of talk falls outside of the guidelines for MetaTalk-- I notice there are only like two posts a day.

This part of the site is a lot less active in raw numeric terms (fewer posts and comments per day) than the blue or the green in general.

Since it's used only for site-specific stuff, the posts that come along are generally only those prompted by either something disruptive/problematic/interesting going on elsewhere on or with the site (disputing a deletion, praising a really fantastic comment/thread, making a feature request) or by social/community announcements and events (meetup proposals, metafilter sightings in the news, etc).

It's not really a general chat section, is the main thing. I'm going on faith here and answering the core thing you bring up, but this is an example of a post that seems to me more like you being vaguely curious about some things and wanting to kill some time than something that really needs to be a metatalk thread of its own, and I think I'll close it up here because I see it going nowhere but bad if it stays open.
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