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Because I spent June 15 compressed at the bulkhead at the end of two Adventists reading: He: "The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy" and She: "Creation Illustrated: The Christian Alternative to National Geographic" I forgot to mention the most important thing you can do all day!

There is still time to make a commitment to Metafilter being a vast community resource and one of the most positively depositing bank of ideas.

We can build the cause for Metafilter being a paragon of social enterprise. We are so proud of Matt's gift to the world. I joined Metafilter because I thought I was stealing when I took story ideas back to Asian Network and Five Live when I worked there. Metafilter was a goldmine of action items and the most prescient thoughts I would read all day.

We are all entrepreneurs. We seek enjoyment, pleasure and fulfillment. Now is the time to share your spirit. We have a tremendous opportunity to shine. We don't need 427 people. We need 9,927. That will take us to mark the ten years of Metafilter with vigor and agility.

One of the best ways to start is at $12 a month. Over a year, that's $100 that you will use to help a person whose will to succeed outshines their circumstance. You will benefit,too. All I ask is that you help me: I like being captain but I need partners. I would love for Mefites in this thread to suggest worthy unfunded projects that we could unite as a community to support. Your favorites will be the signal and your loan being the kick. We can eradicate poverty together and soon. Even if factions occur we know we know we are always working for good. Thank you and please join Kiva's Metafilter team.

Thank you

John Parman
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An extraordinarily good idea extraordinarily poorly framed.
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Thanks cgc373. The framing cost me 30 minutes of research time to check that this wasn't some dodgy scheme. This is a great cause but John, you might want to tone down the spiel. Maybe the SDAs got to you after all ;-)
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I find it literally miraculous that so much typing could convey so little information.

If you want me to give to a charity, why don't you tell me what exactly the thing does?
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As much as I love Kiva, parman, you did this same post better 7 days ago, so it's pretty much a double post and kind of muddled with the story above it so I'm gonna close it.
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