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I've just noticed that the text that I type into the search box beneath the links to sub-sites does not carry over when I browse from sub-site to sub-site. I know that Google (on FF 3.011) does this between its different sub-sites and I find it very useful because it eliminates the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keystrokes (or retyping for the less computer savvy) when you are using the same search terms between sub-sites.
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This is my miniature Assateague Wild Pony request.
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I'm not sure I understand the problem you're experiencing. You type something into the search box in the upper-right corner of the page, but you don't click the [»] button to search? You want to type something into the text field and then click on a subsite name and have the text carry through? Can you give me an example of what you want to happen step-by-step?
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You want to type something into the text field and then click on a subsite name and have the text carry through?

This is almost it exactly, except that I would want this to happen if I clicked the [>>] search button first (so that I could first see the results from the subsite I was presently searching). I can also see value in the way you have mentioned above as well. Sometimes when using Google I will type in the search string before I choose what site I want to search.
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Unlike Google, you don't have to click the various subsites to search those sites here. On the search results page, look for the line that says: "Showing posts from: [menu]" and choose the site you want to search from the menu. You can even choose "All Sites" to see results from across all subsites. I don't think persistence is as necessary here because it's essentially a one-time use text field, and you don't need to click around once you're in search mode.
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