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Can you help me find a post (or just a site)? It linked to an alt-weekly site that featured "angry consumer voicemail message of the week."

The only one I'm sure it featured was a message from a disgruntled caller to the Discovery Channel, making the case for the paranormal origin of crop circles ("They're bigger than two football fields, you fuck!") The rest of it was compulsive listening too. I'd like to see it again.
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I don't remember the post, but this gives me this.
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This post had a link to that same voicemail as in that boingboing post. Although it's 404 now if you just go to and click on 'viewer mailbag' it plays.
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Although it's 404 now

Yeah, and I love the wording of that 404, too: Your browser can't find the document corresponding to the URL you typed in.

My browser can't find the document corresponding to the URL I typed in?!? No, eff you, server! You lost a document that used to be there. Don't put that bullcrap on me.
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Perhaps you're also thinking of the SF Chronicle's "Correct Me If I'm Wrong". I really thought there was a post about it on Metafilter, after it started with the pilotless drone, but I can't find it.
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Yeah, I was thinking of "Correct Me If I'm Wrong" as well. The webcast has been mostly scrubbed off the SF Chronicle's page, but the direct links to the MP3s still work. Here are some I had posted before in comments on MeFi:

Anniversaries: Serious Business

Pick up the damn phone!

Cat conspiracy

Sick, demented, perverted, twisted garbage

Excessive use of the dash

They turned my eyeballs into webcams!
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It looks like it's the SF Weekly site that I was thinking of, and that I was wrong about the crop circle message being on it. Thanks for these though -- I am off to listen to them!
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