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I'm looking for an old post about learning the piano, or possibly learning to play an instrument in general. I don't remember if it was on the green, blue or grey, but I do remember that a MeFite posted in the thread about having completed a book or chapter or some such thing about learning the piano. It was interesting reading, and I'd like to find it again.

He/she offered to send a PDF of the material to anyone interested. I've lost the PDF, and I'd like to get another copy for a friend who's learning the piano. I've searched through AskMe for all the piano/instrument-related posts, and I couldn't find the link I'm thinking of. I think it must have been posted at least two or three years ago.

Any ideas? Thanks, all.
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Is it this?

I searched AskMe for email pdf piano.
posted by cortex (staff) at 8:28 AM on July 31, 2009

Son of a gun.

That's the post I was thinking of. Tlogmer's manual is the one I'd like to read again.

Thanks, cortex.
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I'm looking for an old post about learning how to play MetaFilter. Seems like it may have been posted by dhoyt or quonsar; one of those old-timers.
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I'm looking for a cat who plays the piano. Or possibly the lute.
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Next on "name that thread" week: Do you remember that one? About that guy? I think he liked pancakes.

Coming up, after a short commercial break.
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I am glad to see that thread, which applies to me. Thanks.
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I will happily host that .pdf online if somebody'll send it to me. I'd like to peruse it myself.
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