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MeFi's Own jessamyn will be in Providence, Rhode Island tomorrow. 6 pm meetup at AS220.
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I'll be there early because I work pretty much next door. GenjiandProust and lunit are definitely gonna be there and The Great Big Mulp, SheMulp a.k.a. PlusOne and The Queen of Spreadable Fats are probablies.
posted by Kattullus at 6:32 PM on August 2, 2009

How's parking around there? I'll be driving on from Westport MA so anyone who needs a ride from the Southern MA end is welcome to get one with me.
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Got a text message from The Queen of Spreadable Fats confirming she'll be there.
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There are two parking garages close by, one on Fountain Street, between Adrian Hall Way and Beverly Street. The other is down Washington Street. On street parking is hit or miss but Mondays should be okay. Your best bet is to drive down Washington after you get off I-95. Jump on the first parking spot you can find. Take a right onto Empire, if you're still looking, then right on Westminster, right again on Green and all the way to Fountain. If you find nothing there you can either try again by turning right onto Empire from Fountain or you can go to the parking garage on Fountain.
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Oh no! I was just visiting family in Providence last week. So sorry I won't be around and thus won't be able to come as that is a list of people with whom I would be very interested in spending time. Enjoy!
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Oops, messed up my parking directions a little bit, forgetting you have to follow Greene all the way to Broadway (it actually changes names to Greenman Lane, but it doesn't show up on Google Maps). Here's a map of the route where I suggest looking for parking. Since it's Monday it shouldn't be a problem finding a parking spot.
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Usually there's parking right in front of the bar on Empire Street.

Also, yay!
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parking garages are against my religion, so hopefully street parking isn't too terrible. thanks for details.
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parking garages are against my religion...

Hah. About 15 years ago I bought this giant, jacked-up 4WD Chevy pickup, with a 6 inch lift kit, oversize tires, a big ol' roll bar & a rack of lights on top. My first thought was "Man, this thing will go anywhere!" Yeah, except parking garages. I busted my lights on one of those "your vehicle must be this tall or lower" dangly bar thingies, not even thinking about it one day.

I got religion about then, too.
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AS220's a good time...I played there a few years ago & loved it. Good peoples.

Hope you all have as much fun as I did!
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Sad to miss this one, as I have fun talking to you PVD'ers; I'm in Arizona right now. Everyone give Jess a hug! (She's an awesome hug-back-er.)
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Big fan of AS220, big fan of jessamyn. Too short notice. Let's do this next Monday instead, 'kay?

jessamyn: "parking garages are against my religion, so hopefully street parking isn't too terrible. thanks for details."

Last time I was in that part of PVD, I parked directly in front of AS220, no problem. More often, I've parked at a one-sock-puppet lot just a couple blocks away. Never had much of a problem parking in that fine town. Er, city?

Have a good time, guys.
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Oh, in case someone who hasn't met me drops by I'll be wearing a blue MetaFilter t-shirt.
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Barring some kind of crazy South County bus fiasco, I shall be there.
posted by GenjiandProust at 5:50 AM on August 3, 2009

I'll be with you in spirit!
posted by rtha at 7:01 AM on August 3, 2009

Fuck! I'm out of town tonight! To VT of all places!

Hope y'all have a blast!
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PS: Greene St one block up is often more reliable for parking, but yeah, Mondays are easy.

PPS: I live directly vertical from AS220! It is remarkably weird and stupid that I can't make it there!
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We have moved to: Trinity Brewpub. We are there now.
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I would have come, but my trip to VT this past weekend seems to injured my car. Stupid Vermont.
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Vermont has now prevented TWO MeFites from attending this meet-up... yet it produced jessamyn. Karmic balance, or is the state really just a colossal jerk?
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So, the Providence crew (i.e. me, four of my real life friends: lunit, GenjiandProuse, The Great Big Mulp and Queen of Spreadable Fats, and a friend and longtime lurker who scored a free MeFite account) got jessamyn a bit more drunk than she planned, but we entrusted her to the satellites and she got home safe.

NOBODY DIED! (that, just by itself, makes for a successful Providence meetup)
posted by Kattullus at 9:13 PM on August 3, 2009

Dude. I was not at all drunk. I'm sort of a crazy person about the no drink n' drive thing. I had one beer in six hours. Survey SAYS... completely sober. Thanks to everyone for coming out on a Monday night, it was a bunch of fun.
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I suppose two half-pints counts as one beer. Also, you were drinking the 4-5% brew, not the crazy-ass 9-10% insanity I somehow convinced myself was a good idea.

...mmm... it was a tasty idea, anyway.
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And now I'm hungover. Only mildly, though I suppose the real test is when I have some food in me.

Oh, high test beer and vegetarian sandwiches... why must you go together so well?
posted by Kattullus at 5:04 AM on August 4, 2009

Did the sandwiches have any bacon in them? Even the fakin' kind? Because I've read that a bacon sandwich will cure a hangover, so maybe drinking while eating a bacon sandwich (or six) would prevent one! Maybe this doesn't work with fakin' bacon, though.
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We actually had to call ColdChef to see if there really was technically such thing as a "veggie muffaletta" His call: yes.
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I still can't believe there was a 9-year lurker just chilling in the bar. Must have made his night to run into a Mefi mod. Would have made mine. I hope he tells that story later.
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The sandwich was yummy, but no bacon, fakin' or otherwise.

This may have been the weirdest meetup I've ever been to because it was, essentially, a night out with my friends except that jessamyn was there also. And then my friend Thom, the nine-year MetaFilter lurker, happens to show up at the bar and gets a gift account from jessamyn.

Update: Yup, hungover. Though mercifully free of headaches.
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Mod note: Also, just a link in case anyone wants to follow my sister's crime lab adventiures. yay ultraspermfinder!
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Some of our San Francisco meetups are, for me, a night out with friends at a bar. It's nice. If a nonmefite friend says to me "What are you doing tonight?" I no longer feel that weird "Uh, meeting some people I know from the internets" feeling, and instead I go "Hanging out with some friends at the Edinburgh Castle. Wanna come?"
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I will say that some (or even much) fun was had. And that I am still dubious about the idea of a vegetarian muffaletta, but I shall bow to the New Orleansian (New Orleane? New Orleansite? New Orleansanian?)
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I still can't believe there was a 9-year lurker just chilling in the bar

Twice, I read this as '9-year old lurker'. I was all, 'shit, and I thought *our* licensing laws were liberal.'
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same with the 9 year old - i was like 'ohhh thats so sweet, poor kid' etc

shoutouts to all - as220 is a good choice : )
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While AS220 was open, the Taqueria inside was closed, so we promptly moved the meetup to the basement of Trinity, which is about 200 yards away.
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