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Since this post about Bob Dylan lending his voice to a GPS box was deleted (for a good reason, let's face it), I'm putting this up for all the jokes we're missing about it.

Mine: If you drive through an "ethnic" neighborhood in the early evening looking at houses, the police will be called automatically to ask you to present identification.
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I'm goignt to reprint my version of Dylan offering directions, because it tickled me:

Chur jus gonna wan ta gowap the roooaad abit ...

(Tuneless harmonica)

Chus gowanna UP Th'ROOAAADD.
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I want Fry & Laurie as Jeeves & Wooster for my GPS.
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It ain't me you're lookin for, babe. It's Applebee's.
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I expect the GPS will have a message informing you there is, in fact, No Direction Home.
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I thought is was a fucking great post.
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I wanted my GPS to get me to where I could split up with her on the docks at night, but it made me take a wrong turn and I kept revisiting Highway 61 and telling me that is where God wanted the killing done.
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Dylan's current voice sounds like he's gargling a throat-full of smoky phlegm. I can't imagine wanting to hear him say anything, let alone information I actually need to understand.
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At the travel agency today, at the moment I was trying to sort out my tickets, the bridge to Sweet Child o' Mine was playing.

Where do we go, where do we go now?
Where do we go now?

That worked pretty good.

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next up: Leonard Cohen for Garmin.
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How many roads must a man drive down before you call him a man?
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so this is what metatalk is for!
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There must be some kinda way outta here
Said the driver to the nav
There's too much congestion
I can't get through to the ave

Businessmen can kiss my ass
Policemen eat my dust
I'm cutting line, watch me pass
My speed will make them lust

No reason to take this exit
The nav, he nasally whined
The accident is clearly behind us
Traffic is sure to unwind
But you and I, we've been through it
Soon we'll make our way home
So let us not turn falsely now
No use in rolling stoned

All along the beltway
Humvees spat their fumes
While all the bikers came and went
Geeked-out Segways, too
But outside in the cold distance
The road was looking foul
The four horsemen were approaching
And the sirens began to howl
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You don't need a GPS
to tell which way the car goes.
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That article's written by Ed Pilkington? They should've gotten Karl Pilkington.

They're uploading Bob Dylan into dashboards all over. He's on the robots' side now, & when you can't understand the directions & get in an accident, they'll just say, "what, you expected clear directions from Bob Dylan?" And that's how the robots get you.
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Deleted posts don't come with a jokes-back guarantee, and this feels like it's kind of pushing it as far as transparent let's-have-the-thread-anyway moves go. I'm gonna go ahead and close this up.
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