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A few months ago there was a thread which discussed the famous hoax image of a supposed Taliban BMP getting blown up by US forces. Someone who should really know better just sent me this photo, essentially saying Go USA!, and I'm trying to find that thread to gently explain that it's untrue. I've tried a bunch of searches and couldn't find it. Does anyone remember the thread or have any information on the image?
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It's from Chechnya. Two links : Blog

The place I originally found the video that picture came from :
posted by revbrian at 8:06 AM on February 15, 2002

I've actually got the photo itself, which was attached in my friend's email, but what I really need is some documented writing that explains the context.

Has original thread has been deleted?
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PS: are those Chechnyans being blown up, or Russian soldiers?
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The translation according to Babelfish is Operation of modzhakhedov from the subdivision " Of sayfulla "

The english version of the article didn't have as many pictures so I didn't link to it back then, now I have no idea where it is. Regardless, since I blogged the thing 5 months before 9-11 that should be good enough for him/her.

I posted it to Mefi as well, but Matt deleted it.

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You rock, thanks revbrian. I hadn't noticed your blog entry was from April. Enjoying your other entries!
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and I'm trying to find that thread to gently explain that it's untrue.

I've long since stopped being "gentle" with people who send me things like that. I've redircted my own grandmother to snopes so many times, I should make it her default homepage. Be brutal. And they'll stop sending you stuff.

Man, it's Friday. I need to lighten up...
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Sounds like an epigram for the Internet age: 'I'd redirect my own grandmother to Snopes to stop getting all those junk emails.'
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i haven't gotten a story/spam/scam forwarded from my mom in months. Took me almost 2 years to get her trained. Now she is working on her friends.

if that "taliban" pic is going around, i'm sure i'll get it soon from someone else though....Thanks for the warning.
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The scary thing is when I received the email and attached photo, there were literally about fifty other email address destinations including mine. And the subject line was "Don't Fuck with the Navy!". The guy that sent it is a friend's aggro fianceƩ who used to be in the Navy, and the email said,

"If you haven't seen this, you should! this is what they mean when they say "complete air superiority"

"war is hell, but it's best when it's hell for the other guy!"

not for the faint of heart.

power for peace,

I agree with ColdChef, but at the same time this isn't someone I felt comfortable sending elsewhere or reprimanding. I just broke it to him nicely that the photo, as well as the famed WTC Guy, was a hoax.
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as well as the famed WTC Guy, was a hoax.

WTF? A hoax? But my neighbor's best friend's girlfriend's brother's cousin said it was real!
(and they also said that they saw Ferris pass out at the 31 flavors last night, so I guess it's kind of serious)
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the Revs rule.
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Has anyone found any more info about this? I found the English version of that page, and the caption says: Operation of the mujahideen from the subdivision "Sayfulla". It would be helpful to get a little more info about the background...
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I found this (scroll down). This makes it seem as if the images are from "24.05.2001," which would be odd since revbrian blogged it in April... What's up?
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