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Followup to an AskMetafilter question regarding edema in the foot

Spurred in part by this askmefi post and by my own worsening condition, I saw a new doctor in an entirely different state for my left foot/ankle edema. I am now under the care of a lymphedema massage therapist and the outcome is amazing.

The therapist sees me three times a week to do the massage of the lymph nodes in my neck, armpits and upper leg where the thigh and groin meet. It's a very gentle massage but has seemed to have started moving the fluid around and taking swelling out of my entire body. I bandage my leg and foot with a three layer compression system when I am not at work. To see the difference just a couple of weeks has made, you can look at the photos I uploaded to my facebook page.

I wanted to follow up in case anyone else was interested in how this treatment works. Is it acceptable to post a followup to askmefi or is this sufficient?
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I'm so glad you're doing better! Thanks for the update.
posted by Liver at 9:20 PM on October 6, 2009

Glad to hear it :D
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 9:35 PM on October 6, 2009

The difference in the photos is pretty shocking. I'm not sure I fully understand the condition and your treatment, but I'm glad you're seeing improvements.
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The condition is when there is a compromise in the lymph nodes. Either they are damaged due to injury, trauma or illness or it can be hereditary that a person doesn't have enough nodes. Wikipedia has a fairly thorough article explaining the condition and the treatment. **WARNING** there are some graphic images in that article of people with the severe form of the condition. I was progressing to that but luckily caught it in time.
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Good news! In regards to your question I think you generally post followup in the Ask thread if it's still open and here if it's not.
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Followups are always welcome in the original AskMe. Now, I think this was not your own AskMe, right? In which case, it is not really a followup. I guess you are actually popping in to offer a very late answer to the question. That's also totally cool.
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I think it was this one.
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Wooh! Awesome edema solution and ModMagic on my 1,000th MetaTalk comment.
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Uh oh! Post-posting I see I fell foul of this again. Will I ever learn?
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Fabulous news! Manual Lymphatic Drainage is really a remarkable treatment. So exciting to be able to achieve such dramatic results without the need for surgery, medication, etc.

I would suggest you post a follow-up comment in the still open AskMe, with a link to this post. I believe it would be helpful to people who might find the original thread in future searches, to keep the comments together in the one place and I think your update would be a highly valuable addition the existing thread that might otherwise be overlooked over here.

Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I was even more thrilled to read in the comments that you maybe able to cease the compression bandages!
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So glad to hear things are doing so much better. Thanks for checking back in!
posted by Sidhedevil at 7:48 PM on October 8, 2009

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