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Des Moines (IA) meetup Thursday October 22nd?

I will be at a library conference in Des Moines without car or plans other than giving a few talks. It would be cool to see some MeFites if there are any in the area. Joint librarian/MeFite supper plans possible. Anyone in the area want to have some food? I'm staying at the Marriot so someplace nearby or public transportationable would be great. I leave Friday so Thursday is pretty much my only option.
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This is cool. You'll be about 100 feet from me at some point in the day.
posted by cjorgensen at 10:33 AM on October 18, 2009

There are quite a few cool things to do in the area I believe you'll be staying. Fong's Pizza (Asian/pizza fusion), Royal Mile (brit pub), Java Joe's (coffee), and the various art things in that area. Some aren't that far away, like the DM Art Center, so should be bussable or a short taxi ride.

The DM library rocks, the sculpture garden right by there just opened up and is quite impressive.
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*waves* I should be around. I've heard Fong's is pretty good. Court Ave Brewing Co. is decent. Raccoon River Brewery is good too, and near the library and sculpture garden.
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I don't live there, but Des Moines is between me and a lot of interesting things. Every time I go through, I have to stop at "A Dong" restaurant. If I have the right hotel, it is a short walk from you. They have a wonderful vegetarian menu. (Get the veggie curry soup, and the cold coffee with condensed milk. Holy crap it's good.)
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Dangit, I did not mean to insult Des Moines itself. It is only a simple matter of fact that I am usually driving through, and not visiting any particular destination there except A Dong

which has a funny name

A friend of mine calls Iowa "The bring-something-to-do state"

Dangit I did it again

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This is a decent place as well if you're into tea: Gong Fu Tea. In fact the whole "East Village" is cool. Also, if you can make it down to the "Architectural Salvage" store that's fun (different direction).

Living History Farms is a ways away, and only would work it you hooked up with some people with transportation, but that's what Rose McGowan did while she was here, and the Machine Shed food rules.

And don't worry about dissing Des Moines, fritley. There's no need to even drive through Lincoln. What with Omaha overshadowing you so much.
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So true! I was hoping I would get some dispensation because of that. (The first time really was an accident...)

In all seriousness I'll look back here next time I'm going that way - a list of "cool stuff to see" written by locals is great to have.
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Damn, it's just too far from Council Bluffs. I wish you were coming here and then you could admire our spectacular black squirrels. They are quite spectacular and cheeky as well.
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Awww man, I have something going on that night. BOOOO. BOOOO.
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I'm in for a meetup. I'm hearing recommendations for downtown, perhaps we should meet up at java joe's for coffees before dinner then fong's for pizza? I will have my son in tow, and I'm looking for a reason to go to the sculpture park.
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From the NE corner of the downtown library go up a half block on the right side of the street and there is an edge-of-downtown restaubar with pretty good food and damn good people.
If you go into the new downtown library please tell a member of the staff that I really meant to return Guns, Germs & Steel in a timely manner but I was having trouble finishing it and loaned it to my neighbor Doug as a way of pretending I hadn't given up reading it and by the time I got it back from Doug the fine was so large that I was too embarrassed to go to the library and pay the fine and then I moved to New Orleans and I apologize.
If you are on good terms with your insides go a couple of miles NNE and eat at George the Chili King.
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So Living History Farms is still a going concern, huh. My family used to work there for a couple of summers at the 1900 Farm. My stories about harvesting corn by hand and using horses to make hay bales has given my kids an overinflated sense of my age.

Also, I could have spent hours watching the blacksmith and potter work.
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I will be nowhere near Des Moines on October 22, but I just jumped in here to state that I really like Iowa. That is all.
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I just jumped in here to state that I really like Iowa.

They can stand touching noses for a week at a time and never see eye to eye, but they'll give you their shirt, and the back to go with it, if your crop should happen to fail.
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I'm going to be in Iowa City, as usual, but waves.
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I might be able to make the drive from Ames on Thursday night. Fong's sounds good—I've been meaning to go there since it opened, but I haven't made it yet. Court Ave. Brewing Company is another good option.

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see when/where to show up.
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perhaps we should meet up at java joe's for coffees before dinner then fong's for pizza?

Will this work for people? I'll be in dress-up clothes until about 4:30, so I can scoot out somewhere starting after 5 I assume. If this works for anyone who is available, let's make it the plan!

vapidave: send the library a nice note with some M&Ms. It won't solve the problem but oy no one should live with such guilt!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 10:28 AM on October 19, 2009

(it's not too bad a walk)

Maybe... 5:15ish?
posted by starman at 12:27 PM on October 19, 2009

jessamyn, out of curiosity, are any of the talks you are giving open to the public and on anything non-librarians would care about?
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I'm giving two talks at the Iowa Library Association neither of which would be super interesting for non-librarians to my mind, but maybe? Here's the descriptions.
Discover the plentiful free web resources that small libraries can use to solve problems without breaking the bank.

Do you have a lot of computers but not a lot of time/money to support them? Learn some easy approaches for problem solving.
I could probably sneak someone in if they were interested, but my notes/slides will be online.

Yeah let's meet at the coffee shop around 5:15 and go to dinner from there about 6-ish. That work for people?
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Any recommendations on parking for those coming from out of town and not familiar with the area?
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I would think street parking wouldn't be too bad.. you could try south of Java Joe's on 4th, east on Court, north on Walnut or Locust... I think the meters go till 6, then you should be fine. In the end, you might have to walk a couple blocks.
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This definitely fits in with my plans. There's a small bookstore that just opened in that neighborhood that we all might enjoy visiting as well. See you all at 5:15 on Thursday!
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I could have worn my newly minted metafilter shirt, but it still has the creases of a new shirt on it, since it hasn't made it into the wash yet. I pretty much look like this. I'll be there pretty much right at 5:15.
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I'm the guy in the hi hat
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It was fun meeting you folk. Wish I could have stayed longer.
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Good times. I'll get some pics up tomorrow.
posted by starman at 7:07 PM on October 22, 2009

Super fun. Crazy pizza. If I'd known Homeskillet was paying I would have gotten one of those parasol drinks!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 7:50 PM on October 22, 2009

Very cool to meet everyone. Thanks, Homeskillet, for picking up the tab! I had no idea you did that until we left half and hour later. So nice of you.

I look forward to seeing the pics, starman!
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The tab was worth the company. It was great to have met you all, and know I share Metafilter with people who are closer to me than I think.
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UGHHHH! I can't believe I missed this by just hours. Crap. Checked MeFi and AskMe earlier today, but didn't come over to ChatFi. My office is just blocks away, too. Dagnabit. :(

Next time.
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I love that this thread is the #1 Google result for "Iowa represent."

Here are the photos!

Sorry some are a bit fuzzy, the lighting could have been better.
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My two photos are up as well. It was good to meet everyone!
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I sure picked a dumb week to have surgery and not check MeFi. Good to hear that everyone had a good time, and thanks for visiting our fair city, to whatever outsiders who may have dropped in!
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I love that this thread is the #1 Google result for "Iowa represent."

As an proud Iowa native, may I just say that that is FUCKING AWESOME.

Iowa, represent.
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