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Meetup in Bay Area, California?

I'll be arriving the night of the 14th Nov in Oakland, CA. Would anyone like to join me and some friends for bowling in Alameda? The 15th, being a Sunday, would probably be best.
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Ah. I forgot that I can only post once a week. I will be in these places for the coming November:

1 to 5 Nov -- London
5 to 9 Nov -- County Clare for the Ireland Discworld Convention (any fellow Discworld fans attending too?)
10 to 13 Nov -- Ontario/Toronto
18 to 21 Nov -- Los Angeles
22 to 24 Nov -- Tokyo

The last two dates are still slightly tentative. Anyone interested in meetups in these locations around those days? First drink on me!
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Quite a grand tour, neddie; who do you think you are, cortex?

My transportation capabilities are still not capable of going up to Oakland or down to L.A., but if you're taking the coastal land-based route between (101), you can stop and say hello at Wendell Ranch...
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I'll see what I can do, Wendell (^_~)
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Ah, mikoroshi and I were just plotting a Friday the 13th meetup in the South Bay. Any interest in that?
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I'd love to! I miss the East Bay, and bowling is fun! I live in Pacifica now, but I'm happy to drive there and sweep up any MeFites along the way!

Also, if plans change and you decide you might want to do some Disco Bowling in Pacifica instead, wellll, hell, and you'll even have a place to crash!
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Wouldn't miss it!
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Oh yes, an east bay meetup would be most welcome. Count me in.
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OK, so we have plans for an East Bay meetup and a South Bay meetup. Who wants to do a SF meetup?

I'm visiting SF for a little while and would love to meet some of you. I guess I'm a little late and don't want to steal anyone's thunder, but I'll run this up the flagpole anyways:

How about a SF meetup around Nov 7th? I'm open to pretty much any location that doesn't require a car or I can host at my place (near 24th/Mission BART) if folks want to keep it low key. If Nov 7th is no good for you, feel free to suggest a better date (but I leave town on the 12th).
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I'm up for all three. Where is the south bay meetup thread?
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Abiezer, 别生气了, 我尽量在明年去登门拜访。可是北京的空气污染太高了, 我怕我身子弱, 会受不了。咱们能否在其他城市会合呢?例如杭州或天津?要不就去福建省品尝武夷山的岩茶。

不过, Discworld Convention 不是破烂的!*stamps foot*
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So....who's up for bowling on Sunday?

I can try to make it to SF before I leave for San Diego, but no guarantees, since I'm on a rather tight schedule.
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I can! But I shouldn't be the only one - I'm a terrible bowler.
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No worries, smartyboots, I haven't bowled in years, and the total number of times I have bowled is probably around three. There should be at least three or four of us around, although not necessary all Mefites.

Shall we set it for Sunday then? I thought I should put this up at the sidebar.
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The bowling alley is located next to the Alameda Towne Centre at 300 Park St, with lots of parking. It's easily accessible by public transportation even for you city folk- take BART to Fruitvale, and then the AC Transit 63 bus to Alameda Towne Centre.

As for a time, since ooga_booga asked, as Alnedra's East Bay host, I would like to suggest 3PM, post brunch and morning errands and stuff, but pre-dinner, an afternoony kind of thing.

If you have any questions you can ping me outside the thread...
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Yes, let's start up a Nov. 7th (tomorrow, yikes!) SF Meetup thread! I'm down and would love to see MeFites 2 weekend in a row! (What can I say, I'm obsessed!)
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Well, iamkimiam, I had given up due to lack of interest, but if you are game, then let's do it. Any preferences for the location/activity or should we just start out at my place?
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Anyone who wants to get a ride to the bowling alley in Alameda from Fruitvale BART (and get deposited back, of course) should memail me - my car seats 8. Otherwise I'm riding my bike.
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Was anyone driving over from SF? iamkimiam - are you still planning on driving out there as I wouldn't mind hitching a ride. If not, I might have to hit smartyboots's BART shuttle up.
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ooga_booga, you still need a pickup? Send me a text/tweet and we'll arrange. Otherwise, I'm probably going to head to the east bay a bit early to run some errands and whatnot.
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Holy shit. I just realized that Albany Bowl is NOT Alameda Bowl. I'm going to laugh all the way to the island and hope y'all will still be there by the time I figure out where it is!
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That was a fun meetup! It was great to see people and we had great conversations punctuated by moments of bowling. With varying degrees of success. A++++ would do again.

Photos here.
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Nice to meet you all! Good times!
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Mefites got game! I had fun and it was great to meet/see everyone!
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