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Ann Arbor, Michigan meet-up? I'm coming back to my old Midwestern stomping grounds for a bit of kith and kin on the third week of November. I'm sure to see old friends and family while in town, but I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up that week. I've been living outside the Midwest for 5 years now and would like to hang out with interesting people/get a beat on current happenings in my old town while I'm there. Anyone game?

I was thinking somewhere downtown south of East U like Dominic's if that's still open.... NYPD [New York Pizza Depot] would work as well.... Anyone interested?
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You know, I suck at Ann Arbor and don't know where anything is, but meeting up is something I can do. I'm way better at Detroit.
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We'll be in town and I'd be happy to have a meetup that weekend. Dominick's will be closed for the season already, and I love NYPD dearly but someplace with a liquor license is usually preferred. Arbor brewing is always a good place for a meetup, or there's a new Jolly Pumpkin (another michigan brewpub) café on main street, or Corner brewery in Ypsi, etc. What day are you thinking?
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