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I'm looking for an old metatalk thread about adblocking and host files.

There was a thread about getting rid of ads and cookies and such, and a member created a host file and installer for dummies that blocked a lot of ad sites at host level. Using that and AdBlock Plus, surfing was awesome.

Now I have a new netbook and I want to install that host file again, but I cant't find the post. IIRC there was a joke in the thread about the best ad remover for your computer being a ball peen hammer.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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This looks like it, though I just skimmed:
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Silver wrapping looks good on you, carsonb.
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If you can run Opera, you'll get a *ton* of features for dealing with this sort of thing.
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Inspired by your query, I just switched my DNS to AdBarricade.
So far, so good...
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A thread from '02 is not very likely to contain information that's still completely true today, especially concerning ads and ad-blocking. If you do want to block ads at DNS level, you could try the hosts file from this server, which updates regularly. Alternatively there are several other recommendations on this page which might appeal to you.
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