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I Wanna Take A Ride On Your Media Stick!

Inspired by this post, and the ongoing talk in the thread about "image control" etc.

I'm also reading And Then There's This, by Bill Wasik right now (he started the whole Flash Mob trip awhile back..), which is all about the life-cycle of viral stories in pop culture. He also name-checks Metafilter a few times in this book, for those keeping score.

I'm curious to hear how media/pop culture/viral memes fits in the metaverse for folks, what effects if any it's had on the way you see the media, or pop culture or yourself.

What's going on for you when you endorse something disposable in the culture, whether it's a meme, a pop star, a diet, a Three Wolf Moon shirt. What does "owning one's image" mean to you specifically if what's happening to you might be a passive receiving of media static?

In what ways has your life over the years changed from the introduction of viralism in the culture, or the speed of what you take in through it?

Big question? Sure. Fun topic? OH HELLS YES. Release the hounds!
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This is weirdly sounding non-mefi related. I'm gonna close it.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:23 AM on December 9, 2009

LT, I appreciate your enthusiasm but MeTa's not really for open topics like this one. This either needs to be recrafted into an AskMe question or put on another site where this sort of thing is a little more in scope.
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