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HTML error? Using a "<" sign inside small tags seems to have done it.

Over here, in the preview area, my comment worked fine, but did not do so well once posted. I wanted to make a <><> (without the dots of course.)
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Alright, I'm about to give up as this is obviously my ineptitude ruining things. This post previewed just fine for me! (Firefox browser, newest version if that makes a difference.) I will use X's as greater-than (pointy side goes left) signs, Y's as less-thans:
XsmallY X-- blahblah X/smallY
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Looks like it didn't work here either. Sorry about the hassle, but that's the hazard with posting HTML. If you use a greater than or less than sign somewhere in your comment, the system is going assume that you're trying to write HTML. So if you have an unclosed tag, it's going to do the best it can to close it for you.

The Live Preview is only an approximation of what you'll get, and if you're doing anything fancy with HTML you should use the "Preview" button. We have a FAQ entry about this here, and we link to the HTML FAQs next to every comment form—the little "HTML help" link.
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In the future, if you want to use a greater than or less than sign in a post or comment and you don't want it to be part of an HTML tag, you can use the HTML entity like so: < = &lt; and > = &gt;. So the exact text you would type into the box for your comment would be: <small> &gt;--blahblah </small>.
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Cool! Thanks, pb! That pretty much solves my problem.
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Yay! This is written in the FAQ in some approximation too so you can look up "html" there for a refresher.
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Prepare for a fillibuster, floam.
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Fill out your request in triplicate, floam.
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The issue is that running that server-side HTML validation code on every keypress would be ridiculously slow. The first A in Ajax stands for asynchronous and the live preview as it is now is synchronous. Having to wait around for the parser is what you get when click the Preview button. Oh well, maybe by 2030 we'll all have fully functioning HTML parsers standard on our neural implants and this won't be an issue.
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Maybe it could work with a Differentiating Parser?
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Or take away the live preview and only leave the preview. Then you could force everyone to preview before posting and watch the rage ensure. (or not).

Or maybe just a note somewhere the preview isn't perfect then you can point to that somewhere for explanation. (and yes I'm too drunklazy to go see if it's in the FAQ).

(isn't it weird how some people say eff aye cue like it's an actual work (fack)?).
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This is a solved problem. Metafilter doesn't need to hand-code its own text editor, dudes and dudettes.
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What's weird is when they mispronounce it, so it sounds like "fact".
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Thanks for the suggestion blue_beetle. I'm afraid the switch from HTML to Markdown would be a huge cultural shift for the site. Not a big deal if you're already comfortable with both, but I think we'd need to take on the task of teaching everyone Markdown—what it looks like in the textarea, and how it's similar to and different from HTML. It wouldn't be a smooth transition, and I'm not sure the pain would offset the occasional munged greater than sign.
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