So, now that you've won a TiVo, what will you do with it? September 27, 2000 8:35 PM   Subscribe

So, now that you've won a TiVo, what will you do with it? Keep it? Sell it? Drop it in the nearest pool of magma? Will eBay suddenly be flooded with TiVos?
posted by Aaaugh! to General Weblog-Related at 8:35 PM (5 comments total)

I'm keeping it, I always wanted one. I'll probably hack it and add a 30-60 gig hard drive to it later. It was free, right? No problem voiding the warranty here...
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:48 AM on September 28, 2000

It's already found its new home. It's TiVo madness in my area, I tell you!
posted by hijinx at 9:10 AM on September 28, 2000

I plan on keeping mine- I'm gonna try it out for the first month, and hell if I don't like it, I'll remove the hard drive and put it in my computer- they've got 15Gb HD's.
posted by TuxHeDoh at 11:56 AM on September 28, 2000

I'm using mine, but I've got it in the bedroom and it keeps *LOOKING* at me... it's creepy.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 10:35 AM on October 2, 2000

Trade it in for a Replay TV. NO monthly charges.
posted by Hackworth at 4:05 PM on October 4, 2000

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