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In case anyone is interested, I delved further into Sugru.

I was trying to see what they were considering in their seeking "small investors" and found out that basically "small" means $20,000 USD.

From the info I received:
FormFormForm Limited was founded in 2004 to develop and exploit a new material, sugru®, with a unique product concept enabling users to customise and personalise their possessions. Founders Jane ni Dhulchao-intigh (Inventor) and Roger Ashby (Entrepreneur) met at the Royal College of Art in London where Jane was a post graduate in product design and Roger worked as a business advisor. sugru® came into being after Jane identified the potential of a material that could help people to easily adapt and redesign their posessions for themselves; her unsatisfied need led to the invention of a new material. Patents have been filed in Europe, the US, India and China and the technology has been further developed by working with expert materials scientists from Industry and Universities.

A fast growing ‘anti-consumerism’trend has taken root and is being fuelled by climate change, the economic downturn and social pressure on individual consumers to reduce waste. FormFormForm saw the beginning of this emerging trend 5 years ago, and has steadily built a product and a brand uniquely positioned to help the increasing number of people looking for alternatives to consumerism, disposability and waste. 5 years of user research, extensive user trials and technical product development is now being channelled by FormFormForm into building a powerful brand to respond directly to this untapped consumer demand. The Company intends to raise £250,000 equity investment and is approved as an UK EIS qualifying company for investor tax relief. Applications for common equity shares are welcome for any investments over £10,000. The funds generated will be used to appoint and recruit additional staff, scale up production equipment, enable attendance at selected international exhibitions and service patent expenses.
I don't have $20,000 nor do I have any direct connection to these folks, but it was an interesting post and I wondered what a startup like this sought for investment (and how). So, I figured maybe others were curious too, hence this post.
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Why wouldn't you put this in the open thread?
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Yeah this can go in the thread which is still open.
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