Is there a way to include the TITLE attribute in front-page post links February 23, 2002 5:29 AM   Subscribe

Is there a way to include the TITLE attribute in front-page post links? Obviously it's trivial to add this to any hand-coded hrefs you include in your description, but not in the main link via the submission form. And what's the word on pimping the site where you found the link? Should we manually give credit in the description, or should a VIA field be officially added?
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You don't have to use the URL and Link Title fields. Ignore them altogether, and format the post however you want, including the title attribute. Sure, you'll have to code the link yourself, but they're really just there as a convenience. It's just the one link, and the fact you're asking the question hints that you've probably done this before, anyway.

As for pimping, some people do it, some don't. Personally, if it's a Wired link or something, then I could care less who the source was. But if it's a less well-known or personal site, I'll sometimes include it, especially if the source posting had some commentary that might be of interest or if it regularly has other interesting content. Adding a via: field to the submission form might be nice, but it's not really necessary. The great majority of posters don't bother doing it, and link "ownership" has been discussed before. Very few people care.
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I didn't want to clutter up the interface with another field, especially if it was an optional thing not too many people used for information (I only find title tags by accident it seems). So if you want to add them, great, just handcode them.

Credit sources if you feel like it, it's up to you. I usually do it, especially if I found it on someone's blog somehwere, but it's not required and can get a bit tiresome if everything on the site had a via link. About half the things I post here I find myself while randomly surfing, I would hope the rest of the membership can find something that way as well.
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