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Are there enough Warren County NJ folks here to justify a meetup? Could we maybe arrange a surrounding-county thing, if not? I have a two-week hiatus, and would like to use it (plus New Year energy) to meet some new, quality folks.
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Somerset County Mefite, reporting. I could definitely make it up for a meetup if one occurs and I'm free.
posted by mccarty.tim at 8:08 PM on December 30, 2009

Aw. Wish it was last week, when we were visiting Monmouth County, and would've made the trip.
posted by Miko at 8:13 PM on December 30, 2009

I'm in Mercer County, and probably too far away, but I wish you better luck than we have had at organizing a meet up down here.
posted by amro at 8:39 PM on December 30, 2009

Bergen. But I don't know if even New Year ambition will make me brave enough to meet strangers. Also, I'm not allowed in bars, which makes me a lot less fun.
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Morris County-ite standing by. Would enjoy a NJ meetup if one coalesces. Please keep me in loop.
posted by de void at 7:46 AM on December 31, 2009

Essex county here. Might be tough for me to get there, but it's a possibility.
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Aw, dang, was in Denville and the hometown (North Plainfield) this week, but am leaving tomorrow. Too bad.
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I'm in Monmouth County. I was thinking of posting something for Jersey because I managed to finally get my driver's license and can actually attend stuff now.

Warren County is a little far for me as I've only just mastered driving Rt 9 without holding my wheel in a death grip. But something closer I could see my way to.
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If we want to do a Jersey meetup in general, I nominate Princeton for the location. Centrally located, nice town...
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Woohoo! I live near Princeton.
posted by amro at 11:06 AM on December 31, 2009

Sussex County here; we're practically neighbors. My schedule for the new year looks busy, but I've been meaning to make it to a meetup for ages. I guess that means count me in.
posted by willpie at 12:24 PM on December 31, 2009

Union County here. I'm sure we could come up with something. If it were summer, I'd suggest a barbecue at one of the parks out that way.
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Camden County here. But I'm so lame I don't even get out to the Philly meetups.
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So, maybe we should get a headcount of the maybes? Seems we've got roughly 7, but maybe we need a count of "Definitely Maybes" who would really like to go, pending a place, date and time parsimonious with their schedules.
posted by mccarty.tim at 4:48 AM on January 1, 2010

I'm a definitely maybe. I can do meet ups on weekends or weekdays after 730pm, because I have to work around my kids and etc.
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I'm a definite, as long as it happens before Jan 11. After that I disappear again into work and near-total unavailability.

I also have the complication of just having moved to NJ from Brooklyn, and I have no idea about geography here....every county heard from results in furious googling on my end..........
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I'm a maybe for a meetup depending on timing and location. FWIW, I give a big thumbs up for the Princeton suggestion.
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I can put myself down as a strong maybe.

New Brunswick might also be an option, if folks want to go a hair northward of Princeton.
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Yeah, realistically speaking, I'm not going to Princeton. Centrally located is one thing, but Jersey is bigger than everyone seems to think. Morristown, Montclair, even Bergen County are infinitely more doable.
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When I was a young New Jerseyite having statewide meetups, we often chose New Brunswick. It's on a lot of public transportation routes and is fairly central, and there are things to do. Same is true of Montclair and maybe Red Bank.
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I shall be in Morristown on Feb 20-21 for a role-playing game convention. It's outside the two-week timeframe on the original post, but we're well on our way through that as it is.
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