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Austin meetup?

I and of strange foe have just moved to Austin from Boston. We used to enjoy us some Boston meetup, and we're wondering whether an Austin one could be even more awesome. How about either this Saturday (Jan 24) or the next (Jan 31)? Also, since we don't really have any clue about the good hangouts yet, can anyone suggest a venue?
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Welcome to Austin!

What are you looking for? The three meetups I've been to here were at pubs (Scholz's Beer Garten, Opal Divine's, and Dog and Duck). Those types of places seem to work out well for the Austin folk. Beer, food, tables.

I've proposed amateur hockey night (cheering, not playing), but I never followed through on those plans. I think hockey is still happening. Another option I thought of recently is Karaoke Underground at the Nomad. That happens the first Saturday of the month though.

Remind me to tell you the obligatory welcome-to-Austin joke when we meet.
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Oh and if we ever decide to do Karaoke Underground I call dibs on Pavement's Stereo and NOFX's Liza and Louise.
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I'm utterly lousy at making meetups but I can almost always get dragged out for karaoke. I will try this time one more time, though, even if I do not get to sing something scary and full of bad taste.
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I would also be into this! It would be my first MeFi meetup. The last two or three I haven't been able to attend because they've been on Sunday afternoon, when I do a radio show here in town. A Saturday or evening sometime would work better for me.
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Having been attending Austin MeFi meetups for a year and a half, I suppose I qualify as a hoary old-timer by now.

This Saturday has a chance of rain, so we should pick a venue that has a good indoor space. I thought that Flying Saucer at the Triangle worked pretty well when we metup there.
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Hooray for karaoke!
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I work on the 24th but off 31st. Let me know and I will try to make. Pick somewhere easy for me to get to from Kingsland.
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I'm in.
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I can do this on either date. em and of strange foe - do you want to do karaoke or bar talk?
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(please, god, say bar talk)
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This is great -- we're excited to meet you all! We're thinking maybe bar talk this time, karaoke next time. Is there anyone who wants to come but can't make next Saturday, Jan 30?

(Yikes, now I see I screwed up the dates in the original post, sorry!)
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Sorry, to be more clear: we're suggesting to meet up for bar talk on Saturday Jan 30, and for karaoke some unspecified time in the not-too-distant future.
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Ooh! I've missed the last 3 meetups due to being lame -- so I vote for bar talk on Saturday January 30th. This will be my inaugural Metafilter meetup. Excitement is in the air.
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We have a date. We need a time and a place.

I didn't make it to the one at the Flying Saucer but I heard it was nice. Do ya'll want to go there again or try a different place?

Saturday afternoons are usually out for me, and I might be gainfully employed next week, so I'm not sure what my schedule looks like at the moment. I'll catch ya next time.
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I also haven't been making it to meetups, but I'm trying to get out of the house more before grad school swallows me up again.

Unless it gulps me down faster than usual, this weekend should work. I hope to be there.
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I missed the last meetup, but I will definitely make it to this one. How about the 30th at 3pm at the Flying Saucer? Earlier or later works for me as well, but I always feel like a lush if I start drinking at noon.
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(I always like to try new places, but sometimes it's better to do places we've already done before so we know what to expect with a largeish party. If anyone has other venue suggestions, bring them forward!)
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I just heard about this place a few weeks ago and have wanted to try it out. I'm good with the Flying Saucer too, though.
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Lala's is weird. In a good way. Christmas decorations all over the place, and they have elves on fishing line hanging over the bar. The lines are connected to the bathroom door, so every time it opens, the elves drop down onto the bar, then pop up again when the door shuts.

Sinatra on the jukebox, and smoke in the air. Non smokers might want to be aware of that.
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Yeah, Lala's is great, but kind of weird for a meetup.

But, if we DO go to Lala's we should the entire North Burnet dive-bar trifecta - Lala's, the Poodle Dog, Ginny's Little Longhorn.
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I have $100 of mathowie's money burning a hole in my pocket to cover drinks.

Sooooo... where do y'all want to meet up?

I'm getting around by bus or the kindness of people with vehicles, so my offer is attendant with the desire to be able to get home with some help.

Places offered so far:
Lala's/the Poodle Dog/Ginny's Little Longhorn (I'll send the money w/ someone else if this is the choice, as I can't be in a smokey environment for a few months).
Nomad for Karaoke Underground (I will sing! badly!)
Flying Saucer at the Triangle

Timeframe works for me, too, other than one consideration: I've got some time committed to being in Smithville this weekend, so we'd need to get a lockdown on which day pretty quickly so I know if I can go or need to send money to someone else.
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I would prefer the nonsmoking venues too, and in deference to the people who are scared of karaoke, I'm happy with Flying Saucer.
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I can't go back to Ginny's. I got kicked out for sitting on a wobbly stool, bumping into a cowboy and not looking like the rest of the people in their.
I love a place that won't let me in.
I have high hopes of making it to this meet-up.

We need to do some South Austin stuff sometime.
Remember, some of us are scared to go north of the river.
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Very much in favour of S. Austin - been over the bridge for all the others, might be nice to have folks come this way this time.

But what places?

Opal's (which some folks don't like due to expensive drinks & iffy service) is the first thing that comes to mind and then ... blank.
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Oh man, we haven't done one on the South side since over a year ago at the white elephant. That would all kinds of fantastic, if we can settle on a place.

I love Uncle Billy's (on Barton Springs) and have been campaigning for a meetup there for months, but for whatever reason it keeps being nixed. However, I don't want their sort of weird parking situation to scare anybody off.
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Lala's would be easy for me. I can come thru Lago Vista from out here in the boonies...
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No, there is too much. Let me sum up.
January 30th
free drinks
a non-smoky, bar-talking venue
from 3 pm so that malthas feels like less of a lush.
em! of strange foe! the return of batmonkey!
...somewhere in S. Austin?
I watch your planning with interest.
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how about Ego's?

central. south of the river. but only barely. old school, but not as old as the North Burnet trifecta. it's in the basement of an office building which is kind of wierd/cool. and open at noon, according to the chronicle's website. which includes a google map. (disclaimer, I've only been once.)

or how about a coffee shop? Spiderhouse just off of Guadalupe and 30th? you can get beers there, but I don't know how cheap it is. Only if the weather's nice, though. their main space is outside.
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*bows down to woodway*

forgot we did White Elephant at Fiddler's (RIP). oops. shame that's gone.

Hm. What about Bender Bar?
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spiderhouse beer is costly & seating is, as you say, dubious unless weather is nice.

hm. ego's...close, sounds good in other ways...that's a few good options.
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South Austin Drinkeries
Uncle Billy's - Good beer, great beer, miserable barbecue. Difficult parking. Worth it anyway.
The Black Sheep Lodge - beer, fried pickles with curry ketchup. plus, they actually poured me a drink when all I asked for was a double of the skankiest whiskey they had, the one they didn't serve to customers. They had one.
Guero's - Miserable "Mexican" food, spectacular margaritas. The way they should be made.
Habana SoCo - Cuban meat and other stuff, like drinks.
G&S Lounge - over-priced, no taps, no liquor, no reason to go unless you are about 21 y.o.
Freddy's Place - they allow dogs, have washer pits, okay, but nice on a good day. Tuesdays(?) - free brisket
Ruta Maya - A coffee shop, but they serve beer and some food. I wouldn't suggest this, probably because I wouldn't want to meet my friends here, much less people I do not know.
Opal Divine's - Never had a bad experience myself, but nothing to write home to mother about.
Saxon Pub - Please, no!
Horseshoe Lounge - love it, but a little small and divey for a meet-up.
Zax's Pints and Plates - good beer and food, but a bit steep. Nice patio.
Ego's - similar to the Horseshoe, broader selection.
Barton Spring's Saloon - no idea, too close to Lamar to make me want to drink in a gas station.
The Broken Spoke - I promised my wife to learn to 2-step. I won't be going here any more than I need to.
Red's Porch - I've heard good things about the food and they have 30 beers on tap.
House Wine - We're not going on a date. But really, if you like wine, take your date or SO here.
Trophy's - Saw the Yuppie Pricks there, have hazy memories of an almost-fisticuff event. Let's not.
Jovita's - meh, whatever.

Just a couple South Austin ideas to start.
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I thought Ego's closed?

I've heard good things about Red's Porch, too.
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Ego's is open and has no plans to close. I've been doing karaoke there for a year and they're signing up people for spring karaoke league there right now.
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popechunk: still open. i think it's because they ditched an open mic or trivia night or something that it seems they closed.

Seamus: out of your research, these are the standouts...
Uncle Billy's (but not if the person I'd be getting a ride from disagrees, if that person exists. also, I hope they have something tastier than their barbecue, 'coz I won't be drinking.)
The Black Sheep Lodge
Freddy's Place
Red's Porch

Anyone want to call this coin as it spins?
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Free drinks! That's excellent, batmonkey. We ought to be able to give you a ride wherever (at least, wherever we can park).

Since nobody seems to have complained about 3pm Sat Jan 30, let's fix that as the start time. I want to defer to y'all's accumulated wisdom (read: wimp out) regarding the precise venue. It does seem like it should be a place that can support a moderately big party.
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Okay - from batmonkey's list - I propose Freddy's. Uncle Billy's is great beer but impossible parking (although close enough to me to walk...), Black Sheep lodge might be a bit too crowded (it's still got the new bar smell), and Freddy's feels nice. Someone tell me I'm wrong.
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Um, so, as ishotjr put it most eloquently in a prior Austin meetup thread, "I'm scared of people from the internet, but I'm least scared of people from Metafilter." But I am basically brand-new and alone in Austin, so I will try to come!

But my mother is in town. We will see how that goes. 3pm may not work. I will try!
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That sounds like consensus!

3pm Saturday, 1/30 @ Freddy's, first $100 on the drinks tab is belatedly covered by mathowie... any disagreements?

Terrific that so many new folks are about & even instigating it. I hope it works out for everyone to come.
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I will try to get there. I do not do well in Austin traffic and don't know my way around very well.
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em and I are excited about coming down to South Austin! Both Red's Porch & Freddy's Place sound nice. Could the next person who comes in this thread toss a coin and call it for all of us?
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This will teach me to preview...
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My daughter loves Freddy's. We might stop by if ya'll aren't too kid-phobic.

G&S Lounge - over-priced, no taps, no liquor, no reason to go unless you are about 21 y.o.

Agreed. But you know how places like Crown & Anchor and Draught House appreciate darts? That's how G&S appreciates air hockey.
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"I'm scared of people from the internet, but I'm least scared of people from Metafilter." -- yeah, me too.

Going to try to make it to my first meetup this time. For the shy newbie here, how does one go about finding the Metafilter group after I've successfully navigated South Austin to the destination?
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I've calendared it and will try very hard to be there!
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One way or another, there will be a sign. Generally blue. I would say look for the group of happy geeks, but this is Austin and, as you know, they are everywhere.
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I went ahead and added us to the sidebar, since this post has fallen off the front page pretty quickly. Sounds like this one's gonna be good -- looking forward to seeing y'all!
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how does one go about finding the Metafilter group after I've successfully navigated South Austin to the destination?

Ask a group of people "Are you from the internet?"
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Yay, malthas! Taking the bull by the horns!

If you're anxious about getting to the meet-up directions-wise, let me know and I can hook you up with friendlier directions than Google.

Kids, parents, doggies are all happiness, personally. Based on past visits, I'd be really surprised if folks were bothered by any of those.
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Freddy's is a great choice. Play area for kids. Dog friendly.
Parking isn't always easy, but if the lot looks full, park on a side street.

Freddy's Place
1703 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704-4249
(512) 445-9197

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Hey that job interview sucked today so I'll probably be able to make it next Saturday! Awesome!
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how does one go about finding the Metafilter group after I've successfully navigated South Austin to the destination?

I've said it before, and it continues to be true. Look for the table of people with a ratio of glasses faces to non-glasses faces of 4:1. If you are early, and this table has not yet coalesced, look for the person hunched over their smart phone, and periodically poking their head up. If you cannot find that person, assume the role yourself.

Also, these signs were made for the big one-oh, and ya'll are welcome to print some out.

Also also, whomever said Uncle Billy's has crappy Q has never had the glorious bastardization of a salad they call the Smokehouse Cobb. Every salad needs 3 kinds of dead animal on it.
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um. fontophilic, the linky no worky for me. something about signing on to an account... which i do not have. not that I have a printer with which to make said sign... oh nevermind.
I'll just show up fashionably late (with glasses perched on my nose looking for similar.)
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Look for the table of people with a ratio of glasses faces to non-glasses faces of 4:1. If you are early, and this table has not yet coalesced, look for the person hunched over their smart phone, and periodically poking their head up.

Doesn't that describe most larger groups meeting in Austin, though? You can't spit in this town without hitting a geek.

Also, nobody told me I'd have to trade my contact lenses for glasses!
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So if a non-glasses-wearing, chunky, hairy dude who (despite the supreme reality of his geekiness) does not look geeky arrives first, without a sign, no one is going to ask him if he is from the internets? People will avoid him and he will have to shift to whatever center of geekiness coalesces somewhere else?

Luckily, I never arrive early anywhere and will be spared the shame of being repeatedly deemed "ungeeky".
posted by Seamus at 11:22 AM on January 22, 2010

a non-glasses-wearing, chunky, hairy dude who (despite the supreme reality of his geekiness) does not look geeky

Actually, that and the glasses-wearing people comprise probably 99% of the MetaFilter population. (It certainly describes me, that's for sure. But my geeky shirts tend to give me away.)
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Depending on the day, I look like a hillbilly or someone's football-watching dad.

I can handle the first. The latter pisses me right the fuck off.

Plus, all of my t-shirts are some shade of white.
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i look a lot like a friendly bespectacled marshmallow and will have a sign up at 3pm, so no worries.
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I'm in. I'll see if zexlec wants to go too. Looking forward to meeting seamus.
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oh, it's xezlec, not the other way around.
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I'll be the woman who looks like she needs a drink.
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what the hell is a side bang, and most of the guys at the meet-ups i have been to have been sans beard, unless everyone is planning to grow beards, in which case i wish i would have been told because i shaved today, which kind of sucks.
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Yeah, I will definitely be sans beard.
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Exploding sideburns. Duh.
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Put me in the "probably" column.

and all the girls (except for one) are brunettes with side bangs.
This describes me. With glasses.
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If I make it out, look for me. I'll be the brunette with the glasses and the side bangs.
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I will punch out the lenses of my RealD 3D glasses and grow out my side bangs.
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Shit, I just got side bangs cut last week. I'm not sure what to do with them. They get in the way of my glasses.

Also, signs take 2 unless google docs is trying to trick me again.
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And I was going to get a haircut this week, but now I think I'm going to just grow a beard.
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Gotta respect Freddy's for sticking with Mapquest through hard times. File me under maybe!
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Do we need to call ahead?
posted by em at 10:41 PM on January 26, 2010

I've emailed 'em. That should get us squared away w/ no fuss.
posted by batmonkey at 1:08 AM on January 27, 2010

update: they're ready for a group on Saturday @ 3 & will be excited to see us. I put the group down as "Metafilter".

:D :D :D
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Thanks for the internet fear shout-outs y'all. As usual, I will be noncommittal about coming because of school. I am also a brunette with side-bangs and glasses. So I'll look for a bunch of others.
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Ah, my mother, grandmother and aunts will officially be in town so I will have to miss it. I hope the party doesn't come to a crashing halt because I'm not there.


But hopefully next time! I have already convinced My One Friend Here to "come hang out with the Internet with me" so I can drag her along if you guys do this again before March 19.
posted by elisabethjw at 11:09 PM on January 27, 2010

I'm finally going to be able to attend - if anyone wants a ride from North-central Austin (i'm in Allandale), send me memail.
posted by nightwood at 6:59 AM on January 29, 2010

likesuchasand and I are making the trip from Cedar Creek. Yay!
posted by fiercecupcake at 11:18 AM on January 29, 2010

Feh. I am out for this one. Next time, perhaps.
posted by kaseijin at 1:38 PM on January 29, 2010

Aw, I'm sorry y'all are having to cancel!

For those who ARE able to attend, there's good news - they called today to make sure we're still showing up and will have us a spot set up INSIDE, so we can be warm and comfy.
posted by batmonkey at 6:52 PM on January 29, 2010

If I shake this migraine I've had for the last two days (and I think I will), I will bring Mr. immlass. And I told a friend of mine who just signed up, so she and her man may come too!
posted by immlass at 7:50 PM on January 29, 2010

Cool, hope you can make it, immlass!
posted by em at 9:22 AM on January 30, 2010

I'll be there, although I can only stay til maybe 4:30. But at least I'll be able to bask in the bespectacled, bearded, side-banged glory for a little while.
posted by dirtdirt at 11:47 AM on January 30, 2010

! happiness!

note: my punctuality-challenged brother AKA my ride is late, so if you get there first, just ask for MetaFilter and they'll put you in the right spot.
posted by batmonkey at 12:55 PM on January 30, 2010

Good meetup, folks! It's too bad they couldn't keep us inside, but we had fun anyway. I was really surprised at the big turnout.

I have also checked out Karaoke Underground as per spikeleemajortomdickandharrconnickjrmints' suggestion, and their track list is awesome. We should go there sometime.
posted by malthas at 3:42 PM on January 30, 2010

And, of course, I forgot the "y" in "Harry Connick, Jr.".
posted by malthas at 3:43 PM on January 30, 2010

Wow, that was fun.

23 people. Tab was 29811ยข, which isn't entirely indicative of consumption as burgers & several of the drinks were 1/2 off. ~3 non-MeFites, at least one of which will be remedying this lack in their life soon. ~3 1st-timers. $40 towards next meet-up OR karaoke, whichever comes first (thread coming soon). Recordings & photos were taken - I'm looking forward to seeing what makes the cut!

The downsides were few but notable: we didn't end up inside! They ended up not taking their reservation book seriously and we surprised them as a multitude, so there was significant scrambling to get us seated. Heaters weren't as effective as one would hope, although they did bring out fresh propane. Bonfire wasn't lit. We made due, though, being the scrappy internet survivors we are. Took advantage of the serapes they provide, some folks shared their warming items with others (thanks, spikelee[etc.]!), and the residual heat of conversation kept us out there for a solid 2hrs of socialising. One person's order was snagged by another server and they had to wait, and a side went missing for a while.

Otherwise, it was enjoyable to the extreme. The food was passable, the company was superb, and they really do welcome kids & dogs.

Attendees: don't forget to go to Yelp! and leave a review of YOUR experience, so they can get some kind of feedback about how they handle large groups.

Upcoming: Karaoke thread & SXSW thread!

Thanks to everyone for taking care of the tab responsibly. Way less of a headache than it could have been.

See you all again soon!
posted by batmonkey at 3:48 PM on January 30, 2010

my first MeFiMeet and i had an awesome time. it was great to meet everybody! i'll be posting the audio recordings soon for your listening pleasure. thanks for coming out,

posted by slappy_pinchbottom at 4:01 PM on January 30, 2010

That was a lot of fun! I'm definitely looking forward to karaoke and another meetup in the near future. Austinites, feel free to make me a contact or even spouse me because you are fun people!
posted by immlass at 4:10 PM on January 30, 2010

Woah lots of fun, and lots of people! The newbies out numbered the old, which is awesome.

Looking forward to making an ass of myself with karaoke sometime.
posted by fontophilic at 5:04 PM on January 30, 2010

Oh shit. It was today, not tomorrow. Glad it was fun, though! I've had sketchy service at Freddie's in the past, so y'all's experience isn't too surprising. They do have good happy hour specials on weekdays, though.
posted by ishotjr at 5:12 PM on January 30, 2010

I just uploaded photos as well. It was so great to meet everyone!
posted by of strange foe at 5:25 PM on January 30, 2010

That was a great time - thanks to the organizers and thanks to the people down on my end of the table for all the good conversation.
posted by nightwood at 5:28 PM on January 30, 2010

[Xezlec] what's time cube?
[me] time cube guy is like the dr. bronner of physics
[dj duckie] who's dr. bronner?
[me] dr. bronner is like the time cube of soap
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Great pics, dirtdirt and of strange foe.

I especially like this one.
posted by donajo at 6:19 PM on January 30, 2010

Oh and by the way this is the primate mystery I was rambling about.
posted by fontophilic at 8:30 PM on January 30, 2010

Wow, quite a turn out. I shouldn't have skipped it for the horrible new Warner Herzog movie :(
posted by ejoey at 9:35 PM on January 30, 2010

posted by woodway at 3:38 AM on January 31, 2010

[Xezlec] what's time cube?

No, no, no! You've swapped me and djduckie! Gah.

It sure was interesting. A lot of programmers sure do show up to these things. And they aren't inordinately fond of computers, oddly.

of strange foe: "How can you be proud of computers?!"
posted by Xezlec at 7:07 AM on January 31, 2010

hey Xezlec where's this n-dimensional minesweeper link?
posted by spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints at 10:20 AM on January 31, 2010

Xezlec, I certainly came across as a bit of a Luddite, didn't I? Can you guess that I'm somewhat stressed by work right now? I'm actually very sympathetic to your views but it was more fun to be provocative... and you were so good-natured at about it!
posted by of strange foe at 9:09 PM on January 31, 2010

oh, woodway, I'm so sorry! I wondered what had kept you from joining us.

I hope you're better soon, if not already.
posted by batmonkey at 12:56 AM on February 1, 2010

I'm still feeling cruddy, but glad there's another meetup soon.
posted by woodway at 8:13 AM on February 1, 2010

Xezlec, seriously, I want to play n-dimensional minesweeper. That sounds cool.
posted by spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints at 2:03 PM on February 1, 2010

batmonkey, thank you so much for taking the lead on organization -- this was a spectacular way to meet Austin's Mefites.
posted by em at 7:50 AM on February 2, 2010

Xezlec, I certainly came across as a bit of a Luddite, didn't I? Can you guess that I'm somewhat stressed by work right now?

The funny thing is, I've been stressed out lately by the paranoid feeling that I'm the only "real engineer" in a world of people who wish they could just be farmers. So I was speaking from bias too.

I mailed it to spikeleeetc. but for anyone else interested, N-dimensional minesweeper, a fun game I wrote.
posted by Xezlec at 7:38 PM on February 3, 2010

hi! i was the annoying guy going around sticking a microphone in everybody's face. here's the results!

great to meet everybody,

le slap
posted by slappy_pinchbottom at 7:32 PM on February 8, 2010

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