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Latest chapter of the secret quonsar miracles.

All the other secret quonsar threads are closed, but I still wanted to thank my secret quonsar. I got a snuggie! In the mail! To my door! Today! Thank you, secret quonsar, who didn't include a user name. I never gave up hope, and you came through like whoa.
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Oh thanks for posting this. I never got to find out who mine was. Reveal yourself Secret Quonsar!
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I got my secret Quonsar gift last week, a book on how to arrange songs for accapella choir, from charmicha! Thank you!!!!
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Yay, I finally got my secret quonsar gift, more than a month after it was mailed! (My SQ wrote down the wrong street name; fortunately, the mailpeople eventually sorted that out and figured it meant our street.)

I was just happy to receive a gift at all, having lost all hope, but the gift itself was cute and funny and so Mefi, I couldn't stop grinning for hours! The gift? A calendar inspired by the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, with slogans like January's "Make Resolution and Break Immediately" and June's "Wear Bikini and Avoid Mirrors". (It's a little Americentric season-wise, but my SQ got the humor and the sassy single girl thing down pat!)

Thank you, kidsleepy! :D

*wonders if this gift was inspired by my strongly rooting for official Mefi "Flag It and Move On" shirts*

*still secretly campaigns for such shirts by bringing it up*

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I guess I'm going to have to reveal myself since I got stuck between snow and illness and never sent mine out and it is sitting here on my desk with *no address*. I asked using the elfster question dialogue for them to put their address back in their elfster profile, to no avail. :(

If anyone's taken it out but hasn't received anything, as a suggestion, you may want to put your address back.
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Ah, yes, I guess I didn't follow up properly--
to NinaZer0: glad you liked the book;
to my SQ benefactor: thanks for the box o' wonders.
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I've had some serious time constraint issues so mine is going out in the next few days. I contacted my SQ and told them it would get there eventually!

Many thanks again for my gifts from rangefinder 1.4. Haven't had a chance to use everything yet, but I will, I will.
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Good to know regarding addresses disappearing as a 'feature'. I did manage to anonymously contact my quonsee today, though.
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I don't know if the one I sent ever arrived. I really should try to follow up on that.
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Oh yeah, this is the necklace grapefruitmoon sent me. With which I am in love. The necklace that is, although grapefruitmoon is pretty nice too.
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Hah. I just contacted my Quonasree via Elfster to see if the package has finally made it to Alaska. I'll be gutted it it goes missing.
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I'll make my public thanks for cgomez for the awesome package, and I hope that my SQ got her packages in.
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I got nothing from my Secret Quansar but a big box of disappointment. I've been crying myself to sleep every night since Christmas.
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I had some Mountain Dew Throwback today. You can taste the difference.
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If you still haven't gotten your Secret Quonsar gift and you haven't talked to me or IndigoRain in the past week or so, please let us know. We can track people down and find out what is going on. If you've gone through us and still are stuck with a shining gleaming cube of bupkis, let us know. I'm maintaining a list of Quonsar Skofflaws who won't be participating next year.

If you haven't heard from your giftee you can always mail them to find out if they got it; if you'd like to preserve your anonymity, I'll ask them if you want.

As you can tell, we don't have all the kinks worked out of the system; I'm looking for a gift exchange application that will sort by location setting AND pop out of the screen after a pre-determined time to poke people with a giant foam finger (MeFi #1!!!) until they send their gift.
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Thank you for organizing this, julen. I had fun picking out what I gave to my Quonsee, and from what I understand, the Quonsee enjoyed it.
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I just want to thank IndigoRain and julen for handling all this. I enjoyed sending out my gift, and when my quonsar had to bow out, they were able to find another fabulous Mefite to take over, and my understanding is that something in the mail is on its way to me right now.

So, again, thanks to all those who are going above and beyond to try to make this work, including my new benefactor. It really is appreciated.
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I have received nothing. I cry every day just thinking about it. I'll never learn the true meaning of Quonsarnukah!

Other secret santas that I've participated in maintain a list of "de-scroogers", people who are willing to double up the giving. Basically, each participant is issued a survey, which includes the "are you willing to de-scrooge for someone?" and the person sending them a gift is given the copy of their survey answers so they have a place to start, and a direct answer to the mailing address question. Since each survey goes through a human SS-organizer, they also take note of the de-scroogers and try to match people up who live in the same country if they're not willing to ship internationally. It's definitely more work for the organizers but it's a more flexible system. Maybe Secret Quonsar has gotten big enough that it can find enough people to help out?
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I will de-scrooge. I will also re-scrooge and take peoples gifts away if they like them too much. Happy to help.
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I can descrooge for anyone in Australia or Asia. My present was delayed as I was overseas, but it should be somewhere in the US now.
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I can descrooge for someone in the Americas.
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I can also descrooge for someone in the Americas.
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What Julen said. I'd like to thank her for all her help... I've been sick since the weekend before Christmas (am on my 3rd round of antibiotics) and she's helped me out a lot when I don't feel well.
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Now that the "holidays" have ended, I'm interested in descrooging, too. I'm in the USA, for what that's worth.
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I can descrooge and am willing to ship international from North America.
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I can descrooge! I didn't sign up this year, no time - I should be in elfster from years past though.

I'd prefer the US, but really I am open to anywhere.
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Descrooge is now a new word in my lexicon, as it is silly. We are living in an age where we can descrooge electronically. The future is weirder than the 50's pulps figured it was gonna be.
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Reiterating here all the descrooging offers I have made on Elfster. I'm especially happy to jump in now and send a gift to someone who still didn't get theirs.
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Descrooge! I does it!

especially since I still owe people cookies because I am a terrible person who had a cold once
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You folks are wonderful! We're hoping that we don't have to reassign anyone else, but we'll keep you folks in mind if we do have to.

Indigo Rain has been doing a fantastic job organizing this, even when sick. Elfster only lets one person be the administrator, so she has do a lot of the grunt work, whereas I've been merely poking at people and looking for ways to improve things for next year

If you've asked me to check if your giftee got the gift, I've made the initial contact and will let you know what/if the response is.
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Just received some awesome maple cream from my substitute quonsar!

I had no idea this even existed before today--who knew? The family and I are planning an experiment to test it out on all kinds of different foods to see what we like best. I'm thinking oatmeal will be my own personal favorite.

Thanks, Amy!
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Oh, and I can descrooge, and I am also willing to ship internationally from America, especially if you'd like something "Floridian".
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I'm willing to descrooge as well as long as the descrooge recipient doesn't mind fruitcakes and bath sets that have been regifted multiple times.

*Just kidding- my descrooged recipient would receive a brand new item that s/he can regift themselves when they discover they have no use for a harmonica shaped like a hippo*
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Happy to descrooge also. All the quonsar gifts mentioned have been so awesome, and I got a a GOD DAMN HULA HOOP HELL YES.... the gift I gave was so paltry, I feel I owe it to the mefiverse to step up my game.
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Also happy to de-scrooge. I got stiffed last year, and I would hate to see others have to suffer the same fate...
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deezil: Oh, I did! I posted an initial thanks in an older MetaTalk thread, but that was probably too obscure. I hereby thank you again properly! The stickers are very cute, and I was totally surprised and delighted by a coin with a PLATYPUS on it. Yay!
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I came home yesterday to find a package from the state of Virginia filled with some local goodies like BBQ sauce, apple butter, and creamed honey. Awesome! Whoever you are, please reveal yourself so I can properly thank you. Especially since you were one of those de-scroogers, which makes you doubly awesome.

Thanks also to Julen and Indigo Rain for organizing this. When it was obvious I had been stiffed I was kind of indifferent about it and I told Julen as much but she still arranged to have someone send me something. When I actually received a gift from a stranger it was better than I expected it would be. It really gave me a sense of community.

I might even have to do some barbecue tomorrow!
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Thank you for the necklace and cinnamon box! I had forgotten it was to come in the mail and was pleasantly surprised when my postman brought it up from behind the desk. Bonus points: the necklace goes well with what I'm wearing today. Thanks again!
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I believe the copy of Carcassonne that just arrived on my doorstep must be from my Secret Quonsar. Either that, or I am suffering from early onset Alzheimers and ordered it and forgot about it. But I'm betting on the former, which means my Secret Quonsar was smart enough to check my linked sites, find my BoardGameGeek wishlist and buy me something from it. Which makes him both Secret and Awesome!
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Oh, and I did receive that mysterious second box from my descrooger, and it was the most luscious birthday cake whipped body cream you can imagine, from bunny butt apothecary!

Thanks so much!
posted by misha at 10:28 AM on February 8, 2010

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