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Ok, I know this is gonna sound really weird, but I guess I got totally involved in this thread, because when I went to bed last night, I dreamed that Matt asked me to take over his admin/moderator duties for the day. It was a bizarre dream, I tells ya. There's no way I'm qualified to do that, I don't even know how to code! Anyone else ever dream about Metafilter?
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Plenty of people - every three or four months.
posted by gleuschk at 11:06 AM on February 25, 2002

More MeFi Dreams and Stranger Things
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yes: a nightmare that bunnyfire signed up as bunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunny firebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfire bunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfirebunnyfire

and posted... but then i took a break, or contemplated taking a break and it was all better...
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You really can have too much of a good thing.
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I have had dreams about individual Mefis, but not Metafilter in general.

You know who you are.
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You know who you are.

Yes, and the restraining order is still in force.
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i actually had one a couple of nights ago: I dreamt that one of my really close friends (in the real world, who has never even heard of metafilter) posted a really personal question regarding her relationship with her boyfriend to MeFi. As I recall she was flamed for not posting a relevant link, and there was an ensuing MeTa thread to complement it. weird.
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In my role as dream moderator, I had to cut off several people
because others were complaining that their feelings were hurt after being flamed. I felt awful about it, it was twisting me up inside. It was *not* a good dream. I wonder if Matt ever gets that feeling in real life. Do you suppose your friend in your dream was one of the hurt ones in mine, rory?
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yeah, quite possibly....she's easily offended and probably wouldn't like her personal problems being criticized. on the other hand, she's also the type who wouldn't have read the guidelines, so she only has herself to blame.
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I dreamed there was a party at Matt's apartment. His place overlooked an airport runway at which was a horrible accident that we all watched (this was in April -- oooh). I got locked in the bathroom. It was funny. He got me out. We all laughed.
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the dream woulda been better if it had been peterme locked in matt's bathroom.
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Some dream in color. Some dream in black and white. I dream in the MeFi color scheme.
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Man, you just blew my mind.

Actually, I think I conflated that story which I've read before with my runway accident party dream which seems a lot darker without the comedic material... which didn't actually happen to me in the um... dream. Funny thing this mind.

How lame are you if you remember someone else's experience as your own dream? I guess that's a sign of good writing.
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the restraining order is still in force.

only for another 42 days, 17 hours and 26 minutes :)
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