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Calling all backtaggers- want to help out in Haiti? Consider doing some data entry from an SMS-based missing persons system to the centralized Google People Finder for Haiti: details here.
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Thanks for posting this.
posted by Elmore at 2:03 PM on January 23, 2010

Erm, I stupidly started one before realizing that (of course) you'll usually need a little bit of French to interpret the messages. Oh well. Thanks for posting.
posted by Salvor Hardin at 2:16 PM on January 23, 2010

Not all records are in Kryol/French- you can put the ones you don't understand back in the queue.
posted by potch at 2:17 PM on January 23, 2010

Or Creole. I wouldn't know the difference.
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Ok, good to know - maybe I'll try a few more.
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Yeah, you're right - the first two I got were in French, so I got discouraged. The next five or so were in English. Sorry!
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Thank you, this is great. I don't know if there's any work going on to translate the French texts into English, but I'm ready and willing if anyone needs vocab assistance.
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There are plenty of English ones available, so I'm plugging through them as best I can. I've already donated, so something else coming along that I can help with is brilliant.
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If you're interested in other ways to help out, today there are CrisisCamps all across the world- is organizing, and there will be ongoing projects for the forseeable future.

The list of non-technical ways to help out:
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even though I checked the french, I've been getting mostly english.

I'm glad for this source but I wish the site were designed a little better to explain who is looking for whom and who is contacting them.
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Oh, gosh, I see that it does once all of my javascript was enabled... so watch out for that. Thankfully I just entered/explained the extra information in the description field.
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There's also this, matching news coverage photos with family-submitted photos of missing people.
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That site seems to be taking lots of information from the comments of, which is in the midst of relaunching—all the comment pages where people were seeking information are gone. Sigh. You'd think that they'd keep the old pages archived, even if they're reconfiguring it.
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Thanks for posting this. I know enough French to get through some of them. Others I'm putting back into the queue.
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I've been working on matching the pictures roll truck roll linked to for a while now. Little things, like the shape of an ear or slightly crooked teeth make for possible matches, but it's quite tough.
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Thank you for posting this. I have an infant and a two year old and I'm broke, so I'm pretty limited in my ability to help. This is something I can do.
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Records Converted: 3,396 | Messages in queue: 0

Wow, good work, Internet!
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Yeah nice! Went to help and it was done!
posted by Kimberly at 10:15 AM on January 25, 2010

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