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Karaoke came up frequently during recent Austin meet-up planning and the meet-up itself. Many folks requested a specific planning thread for this endeavour. Here it is!

The one that seemed to catch the most interest was Karaoke Underground at the Nomad.

Other folks mentioned Ego's, a place at Airport & Guadalupe, and an establishment that karaoke competitors call home. Pitch in your offerings and we'll go from there.

This isn't (necessarily) a single-choice, one-off event.

To my view, enough people want to do Karaoke Underground that it's a lock-in, it's just whether we do Feb. or Mar. first.

And picking a place that does the more traditional, weekly karaoke would give us the opportunity to return after an initial gathering...we just need to pick where & when the first visit would be.

So! Karaoke fans! Give us your places of choice along with the nights they operate and we'll go from there.

Those who want to do K.U. as a group, do you want to do 2/6 (next Saturday) or 3/6?
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it took me FOREVER to find out that this was a texas meetup, instead of a meetup anywhere but texas.

no, I don't read tags very often. what?
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i'm in! either date works for me. i've been to KU at the Nomad once before and it was a ton of fun.
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Just so ya'll know, Karaoke Underground is mostly indy-rock and punk songs. Here's their song list.
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No tags on iPhone. :(
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if a mod wants to edit it to say "Austin, TX Karaoke", that would probably be helpful for those who don't know what ATX means. My apologies for resorting to personal shorthand :(
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I'm interested. March is slightly better for me than next weekend, but if we wait that long, I'm likely to lose my nerve and back out.
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I'll be out of town the first weekend in March (NTIF people, represent!) but I'm interested in February. If you guys do March, we can always go en masse another time later this year.

Diamond Karaoke, the people who do the karaoke at Ego's (and for the NKL) has a place up on the north side that I haven't been to yet where there's an early bird night on Sundays. I don't know which KJ they'll have, but their book is fabulous. I can research that because I'd love to go and I prefer karaoke at 8PM to karaoke at 10PM 'cos I'm old. However, I'm game to do any of the Diamond venues (Ego's, the Canary Roost, etc.) but preferably not on league night. I love those guys, but I'm on vacation from league.
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The Alamo Drafthouse folks have opened a new (big) bar with bowling + karaoke. Thought it might be of interest:
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I had kind of ruled out the Highball for MeFi karaoke. I've been there in a private room for a friend's birthday party last fall, not long after it opened, and it was great but we couldn't fit a large group in there. For a small group that didn't mind the expense, it might be good deal, though.

(When did I turn into a karaoke expert? Or at least someone with opinions?)
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So I'm guessing that we're not karaoke-ing this weekend. Do we want to go ahead and pick a different date? Either 3/6 at Karaoke Underground or... what?

February 27th also looks to be good for me.
posted by donajo at 12:42 PM on February 5, 2010

I am definitely not up for tonight but the next time my crowd plans something for a public place, I'll post here.
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Ok, I promised I would get something together after SXSW and while it's not a meetup, here it is. A group of my friends are going out to the Water Tank on the north side on Sunday, April 11. I haven't been there before but I'm told that despite the out-of-date web site, there is karaoke by Diamond on Sundays starting at about 9 PM.

My pals and I are meeting up about 8:30. Hope to see some of you there and ready to sing!
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