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I'm getting fed up of seeing meetups scrolling down the sidebar and not being able to attend any, so... who's up for a meetup in Ireland at some point between now and the end of May?

I made it to the Birmingham 10 year meetup last year, but I've not yet managed to get to one on Irish soil. I want to change that.

I'd prefer if we could have it in Belfast as I live within 25 miles of it, but if Dublin becomes the consensus then it's not exactly hard to get to for most. and if anywhere else became desired then maybe I could figure something out)

It would also have to be at a weekend for the normal work related reasons.
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Is it pretty easy to hope over to Ireland from England or Wales? I'll be visiting there for two weeks in March (and may move there in August), and I was hoping to meet and get to know some of my future MeFite friends in the UK during my visit!
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HA! I meant 'hop', but 'hope' works too.
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It's incredibly easy. There are a number of lowcost airlines - such as the infamous Ryanair - or if you're opposed to short haul flights then you can there are daily ferries from several different ports in Britain.
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As an example of the kind of deal you can get, I just found a return flight in March, on Ryanair, from London to Belfast for £22 (or £12 if you happen to have a prepaid Mastercard) - without luggage.

I should have posted this at a normal time for Irish people to see it really, rather than 1am. Oh well.
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Not that I don't welcome non-Irish people of course!
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I'm in. Dublin would probably suit me better but both are doable.
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So that's two and a potential. Any more out there?

If I get around to it I might try memailing some other Irish mefites later on.
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I'm interested and still kicking myself for missing the 10th, but I wouldn't make one outside Dublin during that period, and I'm not sure where I'll be week to week, so...a totally enthusiastic maybe!
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Dublin based mefite here, if we were holding it outside of the bug smoke I probably wouldn't make it, otherwise I'm up for it!
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I'll be in Ireland April 8th - April 15th. I was hoping to meet up with some MeFites during that time. So if it happens then, I'm in.
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What part(s) of Ireland are you heading for lholladay?

So, there's at least a small measure of interest in something in Dublin in April/March time. Are there any flashes of genius about what we should do? or should, in the grand tradition of MeFi meetups, just go to some pub and get drunk?
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Flying to Dublin on the 8th, planning to get a car and explore on 12th-14th. Flying out of Dublin on the 15th.

Short version: I'll be in Dublin for the weekend of April 9th. But I'm just a tourist, so I only get a quarter-vote.
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I'm Belfast-based, and might be up for a meetup.
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I'll resurrect this into recent activity, seeing as it's been 7 days or so.

Although there's not been a whole lot of enthusiasm, should we perhaps do something on Saturday 10th March? And, for want of a better option flying into my head, somewhere like one of the Porterhouses or Messrs Maguires? (I'm quite happy to defer to Dubliners on this...)
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I think we'll try this again later... there seems to be fairly low interest and without a firm date/idea the planning isn't really going anywhere.

If anyone's in Co. Down or Belfast at some point, feel free to MeMail me.
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