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Thank you for injecting your politics into my simple question

I am surprised that some people responded negatively and politically to my question. Is it really that odd to want to purchase only products and services where people are paid fairly?

I'm not pushing my politics onto you, so why push your politics on to me? If you have faith in your god of the 'invisible hand', then let it run forth and let's see what happens. I fortunately still have the freedom to do as I please and put my money where I want to.
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Jessamyn seems to have cleaned up your Askme, so this MetaTalk seems to be a little irrelevant.
posted by KokuRyu at 8:27 AM on February 1, 2010

MetaTalkCalloutRule #1: FIAMO, and skip the MT.
MetaTalkCalloutrule #2: always cut and paste the offending comment. Always.
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Yeah, I think Jessamyn's suggestion was that if either side felt the need to discuss the politics so badly, they could bring that derail to metatalk. Not that we needed a metatalk to talk about it being a derail. I'll go ahead and close this.
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